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Video Sunday: A group of gorillas is called a troupe.

I don’t usually start off with a book trailer, but for Yummy I’ll make an exception.  Original music, a good use of the panels, etc.  I might have wanted more real world footage, but that’s not essential.  As it stands, this reminds me of why book trailers work best when they’re for graphic novels and comics.  The two forms complement one another.

Of course they’ve released the new trailer for Mockingjay as well.  As of this post, this video has been watched some 12,200 times.  Well played, Scholastic.  Well played.  Thanks to Abby (the) Librarian for the link.

The Huffington Post recently produced their list of 9 of the Funniest Library Videos Ever.  I’d seen most of them, but I think I missed the one that makes use of old sea shanties.  You can never go wrong with sea shanties.  Nev-ah!

Thanks to AL Direct for the link.

One video that didn’t make their list but that is clearly above par (no pun intended) is this recent vid The Masters of Library Science.  I kind of wish this was shown in library schools so that folks got a clear sense of the different parts of a large main library branch.  In fact, it sort of made me nostalgic for the days when I worked with other types of librarians.

Thanks to AL Direct for that link too.

I could spend a great deal of my time posting Vlog Brothers vids, but I prefer to see what others have deemed particularly good so as to jump on the already existing bandwagon.  Example: This week both bookshelves of doom and Shaken & Stirred linked to this grammar friendly Snookie tweet rant.  Ipso facto: I do the same.  Happily.

And finally, today’s off-topic bit is another musically inclined vid.  I assume that someone else has noticed this before me, but have you ever realized that the world’s most perfect YouTube instrument is the ukulele?  It’s not very loud when one is on a stage, but in a quiet little video it is the perfect size.  Plus it’s easy to play.  And you get songs like this out of it sometimes too.

You will now be singing that all day.  I know this, because that’s what I’m doing right now.  Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.

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  1. Mockingjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    That is all. 🙂

  2. The Yummy trailer is great. Neri did such a good job with Yummy.
    All I want now is to read Mockingjay, a trailer won’t do. So I will be strong and not watch it.