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Video Sunday: Featuring world famous cheesy animation technology

Recently I’ve been trying to get in touch with Mr. Pilkey because I have a very very important question to ask him.  Unfortunately, he spends a goodly time of his life in Japan without access to email (or so I’ve been told). Fortunately, (this is turning into a Remy Charlip book) he recently made this cool series of book trailers for his new book Ook & Gluck: Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future.  This is part one, and if you’re interested you can find part two here and part three here.

Speaking of book trailers, Dan Yaccarino has cooked up (oh, I slay me) a new one for Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly.  Big time fan of that book over here.  Hope to show it a deserving amount of love very soon.  In the meantime, who doesn’t love stock footage?  This gave me sudden flashbacks to The Gallery of Regrettable Food.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that . .

Last week my blog saw a bit o’ traffic thanks to my cries for a new poetry award.  It seems fitting then to show the acceptance speech to an actual poetry award for children’s books out there.  In this particular case, The Lee Bennett Hopkins Award, as given to Helen Frost in 2009 for Diamond Willow.  Turns out, her acceptance speech is up and running online.  The first part is here:

The second part is here.

Last night I participated in a charity BINGO event for 826NYC.  Report to come soon (spoiler alert: what’s another term for “squashed like a bug”?) but in the meantime there’s a different 826 event about to occur, and it involves awesome art.  Over on the sunny side of the country, 826LA is having a benefit auction to raise funds.  So it is that a whole mess of wonderful illustrators have donated art that you can buy.  The art is all based on that lovely Mac Barnett/Dan Santat title Oh No! How My Science Project Destroyed the World.  And Dan Santat (who, you will recall, breaks his back doing amazing videos all the time) put together this video where you can see almost all the art available.

I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to see Meghan McCarthy’s.  Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll just have to go and buy it.  Go here to see more of the art and here to see when the auction starts.

The auction will occur after the art is put on display at the Nucleus Gallery.  Another gallery known for its brilliant children’s art displays is, of course, the R. Michelson Gallery.  Here, Richard Michelson himself talks a bit about what happened when he asked Maurice Sendak for a blurb.  I had recently asked Rich for a different recollection, but when I saw this one I knew it had to go up.  And really, everyone loves a good Sendak story.

And for our final off-topic, further proof that the Brits get all the good commercials.

Now tell me . . . was that Frank Oz’s voice I heard at some point?  Thanks to BB-Blog for the link.

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  1. Ah yes, Meghan’s piece will be a special surprise for us all because I haven’t seen it either, but she’s sending it in ASAP and I just received word that another special guest, Grace Lin, will be sending in a piece this week as well! Now I gotta make another video. Thanks for helping spread the word about the auction!