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Video Sunday: Ba Ba Ba Ba Baaaaa

Recently Neil Gaiman and Shaun Tan sat down at the Sydney Opera House to discuss their work.  The result is a series of interviews on the opera house’s website.  I once was speaking to a musician about Shaun Tan and offered the fellow his contact information when Gaiman swoops over and says that not only does he know Mr. Tan but he owns some of his original art.  I came this close to yelling at him, “Doggone it, Neil!  I’m trying to impress someone over here!”  Thanks to @chavelaque for the link.

Kid fans are great.  Particularly when they like books.  Especially when they make raps about them.  Here we have the talented niece of James Kennedy who posted this on her own blog recently.  She’s pretty good at holding that camera, rapping, and turning the pages all at the same time.

David Almond is always worth listening to, particularly if he’s speechifying.  Here you can find him receiving the 2010 Hans Christian Andersen Award.  Very cool.

And for our off-topic video we have French students lip-synching and . . . well.  If this doesn’t perk up your day then your day is unperk-up-able.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.

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  1. Oh my, The Glory of Love, THAT was awesome.

    But more importantly, I demand that everytime Jeanne Birdsall’s name is dropped in your blog, it is immedatly followed by the publishing date of the next Penderwick book.

    Patricial MacLachlan (name dropping of my own) told me (and about 2000 others) over the summer that it was finished.

  2. The link for the SLJ test video appears to be gone. :\

    That was a rather fabulous off-topic video, however. Consider my day officially perked! Thanks for sharing.

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      Huh! Must’ve been removed at some point. Pity, it was fun. Anyway, I’ve removed the reference to it. And if I find out the release date for Penderwick #3, you can bet I will let y’all know immediately if not sooner.

  3. Thanks for putting Freya’s Lily Larouche rap, Betsy! And agreed, that off-topic video made my brain evaporate with happiness. THANK YOU.

  4. Hi just checked on Jeanne Birdsall website – The third Penderwick book, The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, will be coming out in the summer of 2011.

    I must have missed these but will check library shelves in the morning.

  5. Penderwick no 3 The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, 10th May 2011


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