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Happy Halloween! Video Sunday Goes Goth.

You could be forgiven for thinking you could get through the day without seeing a Dickensian interpretation of Thriller.  Some folks are Harry Potter fans.  Others love Oz.  It is the Dickens fan that is the most interesting to me sometimes, though.  My friend Marci informed me that when Michael Jackson died there were a host of different versions of Thriller.  This one is definitely amongst the silliest.  Thanks to marchek for the link.

So Happy Halloween, everybody!  Yesterday I attended a Halloween party as The Lonely Doll (my husband was Mr. Bear).  I’ll try to wrangle up pictures if I ever get a chance.  Now I’ve been steadily collecting pertinent links to this particular day all year, and now at last I can finally show them off.

For example, we have Calef Brown.  What I need you to do here is to promise to watch at least one minute.  One minute.  And after that one minute you can turn it off, if you like.  But I don’t think you will.

My sole regret here is that he never uses Kalamazoo as a rhyme.  Hometown silly name pride!  By the way, some of these (perhaps all) are from Mr. Brown’s Hallowilloween.  There’s your tie-in.

Today is meant to be a scary day, so here are a couple costumes that are certain to strike fear in an adult hearts.  Though I do kind of have to agree about their statements regarding the last costume.  I’m a sucker for flapperwear.  Thanks to Sarah for the link.

It must be useful to be married to an accordionist.  There are all sorts of applications readily at hand.

Feel a little silly dressing up this year but don’t want to look like a complete wet blanket when going out with your kids door to door?  Why not compromise by wearing this t-shirt?  It’s the Ghost Host’s spiel from The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.

In New York City, of course, it’s a little difficult to go trick or treating.  There are, of course, other options.  For example, if you’ve older kids, you can take them to the local Steampunk Haunted House.  It’s a family tradition dating back, oh, 30 seconds or so.

Half the trick with this next one is getting the voice right.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.

I rather like the new All Hallows Eve tradition that Neil Gaiman has been suggesting.  Of course, it’s hardly limited to the month preceding Halloween.

Phil Nel at Nine Kinds of Pie has created a series of different Halloween music mixes.  I’m rather fond of the third one.  Particularly the first song he lists.  Now will someone please explain to me why they made an Addams Family musical and a Grinch musical and yet we are still oddly bereft of a Nightmare Before Christmas musical.  Hello, glaring gap!

And today we end with… well… okay this is seriously very disturbing.  It is actually the worst picture book in the history of mankind.  I mean that, and not in a joking way.  The only day I felt it appropriate to include was today and I’m still a bit reluctant.  I’m just going to say, do not let your children read this post.  I’m an adult and it still makes me feel somewhat ill.  Oog.  Awful Library Books what hath you wrought?

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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  1. Holy cow. That IS the worst picture book in the history of humankind. Apt for Halloween, but not much else. It’s not even campily funny like some of the books posted on Lane Smith and Bob Shea’s Curious Pages. It’s just… bad. Also: thanks for the shout-out on the Halloween mixes. Will get the blog back “on topic” to children’s books & comics soon.