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Video Sunday: “I’m the tallest and the hairiest so I got the most votes”

I may have mentioned in my National Book Award post that Jon Scieszka presented an award to Joan Ganz Cooney with the help of none other than Elmo himself.  Well, thanks to the quick thinking of Rocco Staino, we have evidence that this event did indeed occur.  Behold!  It’s Elmo’s/Jon’s World.  I’d sing the theme song, but you’d belt me, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Now earlier last week I brought up the subject of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories and whether or not they are adequately read these days.  A swift-eyed reader pointed out to me that in Russia, some of these stories were turned into stop animation films.  This, for example, is an adaptation of The Beginning of the Armadillos.  I was already harboring an affection for the Russian Winnie-the-Pooh.  I find I love this as well.  Note the sly way in which the hedgehog comments under his breath to the turtle.  Brilliant.

Thanks to Yelena for the link!

This next one is going out to New York’s librarian community.  Our social group, Desk Set, is throwing the annual Biblioball.  I’m going.  Care to join me?

Brits!  Brits Brits Brits!  Brits talking about funny books!  To be specific, Brits talking about the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.  Interviews with the judges and nominees!  Now we can all see that Philip Ardagh has a funny beard!  Life is good!

I particularly like the point Ardagh makes that he and Mr. Michael Rosen both have beards, which Roald Dahl despised, and now they’re doing things in his name.  I didn’t mean to watch the whole thing, but it’s difficult to turn away.  You’ll see.  Stick around at least until the off-screen voices cry, “Cor, Shappi!”  Thanks to Omnivoracious for the link.

It’s difficult to think of flash mobs now without thinking of that recent Modern Family episode, but this is pretty cute.  Columbus Ohio’s Columbus Metropolitan Library was the center of this one.  Didn’t see the kids coming.

Thanks to AL Direct for the link.

Full credit to Joseph Beekman for today’s off-topic video.  I suppose you could try to make a case for this being on-topic, but I don’t think that would work.  According to its website, this is a traveling stage show presented “in the style of an eerie Victorian triptych puppet theater.”  It’s presented by the Jim Henson Foundation and will premiere in the Summer of 2011.

Thanks again to Joseph Beekman for the link.

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  1. I think I would probably burst into tears of utter Cute Overload if I ever got caught in a flash mob like that one. I laughed at the adults who were swooning.

    I’d never seen the Russian Winnie the Pooh, but thank you for the link – OH, my word. TOO cute. The corpulent little bear was PERFECT, and you really didn’t need subtitles if you know your Pooh – which I do. Which Tech Boy does as well, which was hilarious. “Oh, yeah. That’s that bee tree, isn’t it?” he said in passing.

    I have totally rubbed off on him.

  2. I grew up in Columbus and going to that library is one of my best memories. So much fun to see what they’ve done with it. Go CML!

  3. Can you make sure there is a flash mob every week?

    Also, do we Yanks need to wait til he kicks off, before we name an award for funny books after Jon Scieszka?

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      Because my sense of humor is thoroughly twisted, I not only highly approve of a funny award named after our venerable first Ambassador of Young People’s Literature but I INSIST that we give it his name because of the difficulty folks will have in saying it. We shall call it simply: The Scieszka. DaNae, you are a genius.


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