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Video Sunday: Oye como va?

BAM!  Now that is what I’m talking about.  Geez o’ petes, wow.  Book trailers are fascinating little microcosms of how someone wants to promote their book.  It’s hard to tell if Mr. Gutman made this trailer for the upcoming The Genius Files entirely himself or if Harper Collins played a hand, but all I care is that it contains a man in a bowler hat with a moustache.  I will go great distances to watch men with moustaches and bowler hats do things.  Thanks to Mr. Gutman for the link.

There was a time when I was convinced that I’d already posted these little guys on a Video Sunday.  However, I think I just posted them talking about the publishing industry in general.  These are a little more specific to the children’s book world and, as such, do a brilliant job at infuriating the viewer.

Thanks to Megan Montague Cash for the link.

This is a rather beautifully produced film about the NAPA County Reads program where the school district selects a book for all the 5th graders to read together.  This year’s book was Lynn Hazen’s Shifty, which is a good choice.  I was also delighted to find that a previous book they promoted was The Mailbox by Audrey Shafer.  I’m a huge Mailbox fan, and I feel like it got unjustly forgotten after its publication since it has the biggest booktalk potential of any middle grade reader title I’ve ever encountered.

Thanks to Lynn for the link!

Cute girls singing about working in libraries.  Not much more to be said about that.

Thanks to AL Direct for the link.

And for the final off-topic video, I saw this while in the throes of my illness this week and it really did make me feel better.  I know they’ve set this clip to music on YouTube before, but for some reason Santana works much much better.

Thanks to mom for the link.

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  1. Me like.

  2. I’m a writer, but I’ve had that conversation in “So You Want to Make Children’s Books” more than once, especially the “tell your editor to publish my book” part. Also, speaking of J.K. Rowling, people ask me why I haven’t quit my teaching job to live on my royalties yet. 🙂

    Now I’m off to tell everyone I know to watch Laurel and Hardy dance to Santana!

  3. Laugh out loud funny! You and Laurel and Hardy made my Sunday afternoon. Thanks.