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Video Sunday: “Give forth the name of this book, my good rat.”

I was pleased as punch when author/illustrator Stephen Savage told me that he’d like to film part of his book trailer for Where’s Walrus? in my children’s room at the main branch of New York Public Library.  If you’ve ever wondered what the interior of my children’s room looks like, this is a pretty good shot of it.  Thanks for coming out, Stephen!

There’s a new blog out there.  A blog that I should have seen the minute it appeared on the scene, but I’m pleased as punch to only be discovering it now since it has ample content for your greedy eyes.  Someone, somewhere, unknown to all of us, as created the site Rat Chat Reviews.  I don’t know how much work goes into a single episode, but what I can tell you is that these reviews wipe the floor with mine.  Do I ever feature tough guy rat reviewers who are just as happy to discuss Elise Primavera’s Thumb Love as they are Tea Time by Karen Rostoker-Gruber and the new Caldecott Award and Honor winners?  I do not.  The review I’ll direct you to today will be Colonial Voices: Hear Them Speak by Kay Winters, illustrated by Larry Day.

One thing I do know, the summary of cheeses found at the S&S, Egmont, and Little Brown librarian previews is entirely accurate.  Whoever is behind this is local to me! Thanks to Aaron Zenz for the link.

Greenwillow trailers have a way of pairing their books with just the right editing and tone.  They’re classy.  Well put together.  You can see that in this trailer for Kevin Henkes’ latest, Little White Rabbit:

Not that I’m biased or anything.  Thanks to Watch. Connect. Read. for the link.

Marcellus Hall is one of the bright up-and-coming illustrators in children’s books right now (titles he’s worked on include City I Love and The Cow Loves Cookies, amongst others).  Not content to do just one thing, the man also fronts the band The Hostages.  This is a series of his New York City sketches along with his music.  Gorgeous stuff.

Thanks to Mishaps and Adventures for the link.

Oh good.  I’ve figured out what I want to do with my life.  (A) I want to be Michael Rosen and (B) I want to create a series like this here in America.  Rosen has created Reading Aloud with Michael Rosen for Teachers TV and it seems like a blooming good idea to me.  What’s more, the man’s a natural in front the camera.  Look at him!  Who wouldn’t want to be him?

A bloody good idea.  Check out all the videos on the site.  No reason they can’t work as well in America as they do in Britain.

And for our off-topic vid today, Kate Coombs gets full, full, full credit. Kate tells me that there’s an art student out there by the name of Rose Wong and that she creates these animated shorts.  This is one of Kate’s favorites and man, I have to agree.  Such personality!  Pixar, are you listening?

I wonder what this says about The Lakers?  Her Octopus video isn’t half shabby either, for that matter.  You can find her main archive here.  Big time thanks to Kate Coombs for this link!

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  1. But a warning to the tender-hearted that the Kate Combs video’s ending. while a joy, is one you’ll need a quick and comforting explanation for it you watch it with an equally tender-hearted child. (It’s just bleach! It’s just bleach!)

  2. Love Michael Rosen. Did you see that the Beeb is doing a Year of Books? Book-related programming including reviews on the news, documentaries, adaptations, televised book debates – not discussions, debates! and coverage of the awards. What do we have here? PBS Kids and Oprah, and not even Oprah soon. Pretty frustrating!

  3. I think some of the animated shorts may be by other art students besides Rose. Glad you decided to share–I’m still laughing about those jeans!