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Video Sunday: Life’s too short to lose an hour (daylight savings or no)

It begins!  The thing with the books and the thing with the thing.  Which, if you wish me to be slightly more coherent, roughly translates to, “It begins!  The Battle of the Kids’ Books wherein great authors go through great books to decide which ones they like the best!”  This little video is kicking everything off.  Starting tomorrow (Monday) you’ll get to see Judge Francisco X. Stork decide between As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth vs. The Cardturner. I think my vote may go with The Cardturner on this one, though it would be a pity to lose Perkins this early in the game.

Just a quick note . . . I couldn’t really find much of any any embeddable videos this week.  My apologies.

Kickstarter’s great.  Any project anywhere can put a video on there and get some attention.  And what’s really been interesting lately have been the books folks have been selling on there.  It’s a whole new business model!  For example, here in New York there’s an avant garde production of Pinocchio due to open (more on that soon).  There is also, however, a book to go with the production.  If you love great illustration, kooky videos, and the weirdness that is the actual Pinocchio, this is a hoot:

And here’s another Kickstarter vid.  Though I would have preferred that it not single out librarians as censors of Huck Finn (dudes, seriously?) I did enjoy this video for a new edition of Twain’s classic that has been lacking only one thing until now: robots.

Tellingly, the fund which meant to raise $6,000 has now raised $30,030.  People like their robots, it seems.  Thanks to mom for the link.

Doesn’t the dad in this still look like Phil from Modern Family?

Phil wouldn’t be a bad model for the dad in Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical, it occurs to me.  In any case, that was a video of Mo Willems talking about making the book of KB in the first place, as well as bringing it to the stage.  Of course, it occurred to me that it was a bit of a pity that the Kennedy Center didn’t wait until all three books were published so that they could do one epic Knuffle Bunny show.  The Lilly books by Kevin Henkes did that and I always considered them a grand success.  Anywho, thanks to Mr. Mo for the link.

And for our final off-topic video it’s art.  And paint.  And a crazy cool art/paint creation.

De-lovely.  Thanks to BB-Blog for the link.

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  1. yeah, i hear you about the librarians comment, but the robot huck finn folks seem to have their hearts (or funny bones) in the right place. looking forward to my copy and checking out the exploits of huck and his friend robot jim. think of it as the ultimate proto-steampunk YA novel!