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Video Sunday: Too bad his duck is so crazy

You know what?  Skip everything I’ve ever suggested about visiting the Bologna Book Fair.  Airflights take a lot of time.  Your sleeping schedule gets off.  And then there’s all that walking.  Phew!  It’s enough to exhaust you just thinking about it.  No no, far better to just watch this little video created by Bart Moeyaert.  It’s the fair in 90 seconds.  You’re in.  You’re out.  Slap your hands together and you’re done!  Couldn’t be easier.

In other news, my library is doing this:

First off, I love that it makes my workplace, the building where I earn my daily bread, look like something out of a movie (and not just the set like in The Adjustment Bureau and Arthur, both in theaters now).  So cheers there.  Second, this is a game inspired by our upcoming Centennial celebration.  You can see the website for the game here, if you’d like to join in.  You have to fill out an application by April 21st, though.  There’s nothing specifically keeping employees like myself from participating, but I suspect that since my body these days conks out effectively at 10:30 each night, I am in no position to add my own expertise.

When you are a child of the 70s or 80s you may have a unique gift.  Thanks to television shows like Sesame Street, it’s entirely possible that your brain is filled with small animated shorts and clips that will burst into fiery remembrance when seen.  Take, as today’s example, the news that Maurice Sendak has a new picture book coming out soon.  Called Bumble Ardy, the book was originally a short on Sesame Street.  Now, if you had stopped me on the street and asked me if I had ever seen said short I would have given a sharp bark of a laugh.  Me, forget a Maurice Sendak bit of animation?  Not hardly!  Then I started watching this and the memories . . . oh the memories . . .

Those memories just keep on coming back.  Probably the only time you’ll hear Jim Henson’s voice (as Bumble at the end) voice a Sendak character too.  Thanks to Mr. Schu for the link.

More of this please.  More, I say.  MORE!!!

Big time thanks to Monica Edinger for finding it in the first place.

Full credit to 100 Scope Notes for locating TWO brand new children’s books-turned-film trailers.  I’d heard that Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer was coming out.  Now there’s a preview to prove it:

Interesting.  Apparently this couldn’t get made without Heather Graham.  Not sure what that says about Hollywood, but okay.  I’m all for films about kids that don’t involve magic (I think Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Ramona have proved to Hollywood that such films can make money).

Then there’s this:

I already knew about the changes to the book (in this century a guy can’t have a minimum wage job in a film anymore so they made Mr. Popper a high-powered executive).  No shock there.  I am interested in the direct Mary Poppins reference, however.  If they get Dick Van Dyke to do a cameo, I will give the film 20 mental points.

And . . . wow.  Looks like I came this close to missing this faux FX drama trailer.  In a world without copyright, we could possibly actually have this show. Lackaday.

Thanks to Lisa for the link.

Okay.  That’s enough sheer unadulterated awesomeness for one day.  Let us end with an off-topic video of unparalleled peculiarity.  This is, and I kid you not, Johnny Cash doing an Elvis impersonation on TV circa 1959.

It also has the power to cheer me up all day.  Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Kristi Hazelrigg says

    I remember Bumble Ardy! If you had asked me previously if I had ever heard of Bumble Ardy, I’d have said no, but I most definitely remember that clip. I even remember the mother making that hand motion when she suggested she’d turn the pigs into breakfast meat. Awesome.

    And movies of Judy Moody and Mr. Popper? Count me in. Thanks for starting my day off with three nice surprises. 🙂