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Video Sunday: Enter favorite Monty Python sketch title here

Jules over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast alerted me to this trailer and her timing was good as I was just beginning the book myself.  This will prove to be one of the more interesting titles of the year.  It is, you see, divisive.  Some folks already adore it, and I’ve encountered a few folks who loathe it to its core.  Can’t wait to review it!  Thanks for the link, Jules.

And now for something completely different.  If you didn’t believe me about the whole Jon Scieszka as Snookie thing at the recent Children’s Choice Book Awards then prepare to have your eyes opened.  Fortunately editor Alvina Ling was on hand with a recording device so that you can feel that you were there yourself watching our host Jarrett Krosoczka and “Snookie” duke it out:

Later in the week I ran into David Shannon who explained Jon’s amazing “guns”, as it were.  Apparently Jon’s been working out with his hockey player son as of late.  Clearly it’s paid off.  Jon’s daughter Casey and her partner in crime Steven Weinberg were also at the ceremony.  We got to talking and I remarked that it was a pity they’d never made a book trailer for their brand spankin’ new title To Timbuktu.  Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong and, what’s more, it’s a kickin’ preview.  Check this out:

Meanwhile, over at 100 Scope Notes this week Travis located a very cool book xylophone.  It’s worth staying until the end with this one.

Mind you, I had a hard time watching it and not thinking of the Monty Python mouse sketch.  There was also a Muppet Show sketch along similar lines, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called.  A little help?

Leila’s right.  Mash-up trailers too often eclipse their books in terms of quality.  Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the trailers in and of themselves, of course.

Thanks to Bookshelves of Lesser Doom for the link.

And how cool is it that Lois Lowry’s Arbuthnot Lecture at the St. Louis County Library wasn’t just filmed but is up for your perusal over at HEC-TV?  Very cool!  Many thanks to SLJ and Mr. Schu for letting me know about this.

Now this week I was invited to take part in the Hunger Games podcast Fireside Chat.  I was on the program alongside one Kim Shelby who has created a series of Hunger Games trailers.  Here’s the first one out there.  Looks about right.

Off-topic time.  Speaking of Hunger Games, this is clearly a real world mockingjay.  I’m having a hard time not watching and rewatching this video over and over again.  I’d never heard of the lyrebird but I’m sort of loving it:

Thanks to NPR for the full story.

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  1. Marvin Suggs and his Amazing Muppaphone!

    (My 4-year-old can sing along with their “Lady of Spain” on the Muppet soundtrack…)

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      THANK YOU, Jed! I remembered it as the Muppettones, which brings up an entirely different selection of videos. Thank your four-year-old as well.

  2. If you need more Snookieszka, she crashes the Reading Rainbow singalong here & gets a kiss from LeVar Burton.

    I’m still trying to unsee Snookieszka…

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. JMyersbook says

    Wow! I love the book xylophone! 😀

  4. Karen Gray Ruelle says

    Love that lyrebird! If you’ve ever seen David Attenborough’s Life of Birds documentary, you’ll have seen other examples of their amazing mimicking skills: camera shutters clicking, more chain saws, etc. Wild!