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Video Sunday: The Thrilla in Vermilion

I was pleased to see that CNN provided a quick look at 826Valencia (the first of the 826 tutoring centers around the country), quick though it might be.  I do wish it offered some more practical advice on finding tutoring for kids, which is not an easy thing to do.  Still, it’s a good start.  I only wish we had an 826NYC in Manhattan as well as in Brooklyn.  I get requests for it all the time.  Thanks to Lisa Brown for the link!

Along similar lines is this recent video about Reading is Fundamental (yay, RIF!) and some of their partnerships for kids:

Thanks to Watch. Connect. Read. for the link.

You may notice that the young author they spoke to in that last video was the increasingly noticeable Jarrett Krosoczka.  This has been a good year for the man.  Between hosting the CCBA ceremony to appearing all around the country speaking about the importance of reading, I’m going to have to up my game if I want to beat him to being a future Ambassador of Young People’s Literature.  I kid.  The man’s a shoo-in.  I mean, would I have the guts to wear red plether the way he does?

I would not.

I also was pleased to see that there was a video out there of a Guys Read panel at BEA featuring Jarrett and a bunch o’ fellas I’d just love to grab a beer with sometime.  Particularly Mr. Gantos.  I can think of few better conversationalists than that man.  Plus, where else are you going to find a single panel with Mac Barnett, Eoin Colfer, Matt de la Pena, Jack Gantos, Jarrett Krosoczka, and Jon Scieszka?

Well played, de la Pena.  Clearly your star is rising.

And for our off-topic video of the day, many of you know that I’m a Kalamazoo girl.  I wear my Kzoo pride on my sleeve and the devil take our nearby towns!  Yet even I had to concede that this epic lipdub (that’s a term now) filmed in neighboring Grand Rapids is fairly full to overflowing with awesome. The sheer scale of it . . . I mean the part where you get to the flames . . . . anyway.  You’ll see.

Thanks to Meredith Arwady for the link!

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  1. And may I add that you picked a better thumbnail for it than is in general use on Facebook. It took forty-three recommendations culminating in one of my daughters to budge me to watching it. Sigh. Late converts are the most rabid. (Apparently every news/weather personality in GR is represented. It did take me a long time to notice how few women were featured, mind — like, until the appearance of the first one?)

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      I wish I could take more credit for the thumbnail, but I just couldn’t get the doggone video to embed on here. Otherwise I would’ve used the same one that appeared on Facebook.

      I kept looking for people who weren’t white, which took a while but they’re there. The late appearance of women is interesting (and who the heck is the girl with the little dog?). Yeah, I also felt that there was a definite possibility that a lot of these were local recognizable personalities (particularly when someone late in the video wears the face of one of the first guys on his shirt). There’s something charmingly small townish about this vid that appeals.

  2. Somewhere the ghost of Gerald Ford (GR native) is very happy.

  3. Not that he ever went back to live in GR…

  4. Long time reader, first time poster. Thank you so much for the 826 Valencia clip — the class there was actually from my daughter’s school and I’ve been sending it to everyone I know. Not sure that I would have ever found it if I hadn’t seen it here. Don’t know if you will ever read this comment since you are probably in labor at this very moment but I just had to thank you. I heart your blog so very much!