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Harry Potter Analysis

Lest you think I overextend myself, I’ll let the resident husband take over the blogging duties of the day.  Over at his site Cockeyed Caravan Matt tackles the Harry Potter books.  He’ll be covering the series all week, examining what worked and what didn’t (sacrilege?).  Here’s the post on the first three books and a post on the fourth.

How am I writing this now?  Well . . .

About Elizabeth Bird

Elizabeth Bird is currently the Collection Development Manager of the Evanston Public Library system and a former Materials Specialist for New York Public Library. She has served on Newbery, written for Horn Book, and has done other lovely little things that she'd love to tell you about but that she's sure you'd find more interesting to hear of in person. Her opinions are her own and do not reflect those of EPL, SLJ, or any of the other acronyms you might be able to name. Follow her on Twitter: @fuseeight.


  1. Love the photo. 🙂

  2. Hee hee! Well, at least you can type one-handed for now — soon Wee Oiseau will want to help!

  3. Multitasking!

  4. You make breastfeeding look easy! Four kids and I never looked so natural at it!

  5. Awwwwwww!

  6. I’m impressed. And I once answered the door for the UPS man while nursing my second baby.

  7. Welcome to the multitasking world of motherhood!

  8. You take multitasking to new levels! Congrats!

  9. I hope you know how lucky you are! If I had tried anything like that, my son would have been straining his back, determined to peek out and see what was going on! (Yes, even a few days old.)

  10. This photo wows! me.
    Lovely curls in the shiny clean hair, no lint, etc. on the sophisticated outfit.
    Your feet are shod. Cute tootsies are sweet & Babe is content.

  11. You are the mulitasking goddess. I swear. All I could ever manage was to get a book read while breastfeeding…

  12. What is your daughter’s name?

    • Elizabeth Bird says:

      Lillian Blackwell Bird or just Lily Bird. I don’t mind saying it in the comments, but I didn’t want to post it in a proper blog post for fear of giving her Google hits too young.

  13. Ahhh. I totally relate to this; in my house with a 4-month-old, nursing time is e-mail time. Rah. It’s surprising how nursing forces proficiency with one-handed tasks.

    Get your nap on, lady! Enjoy this little one!

  14. karen ruelle says:

    What a beautiful name!

  15. A natural! Those widdle teenie feet are just soooooo adorable! 🙂

  16. Oh the many things that can be done one-handed! You will be amazed!

  17. Genevieve says:

    Blogging one-handed is cool enough, but doing it in the first week? You are fabulous.

  18. Ohh, what a wonderful picture! Congratulations on your sweet baby, and major kudos to you for nursing and finding a way to multitask.

  19. “Oh the many things that can be done one-handed! You will be amazed!”

    Is that what she said?

  20. That is the most beautiful picture I have seen in a very long time. :o)

  21. As a person who has taken many many couch / kid / reading pictures, here’s hoping this is the first of many! Also I have couch envy. Also welcome, Lily Bird! (Pam I once went outside and quizzed the utility repAir guys while nursing. You just forget you have a boob hanging out after a while!)