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Video Sunday: The singer would be significantly less weird looking if he had eyebrows, yes?

I’ve been asked in the past why it is that I don’t write up the online librarian previews by folks like those at Scholastic.  The reason is simple.  I figure that if you have access to the online previews you don’t need a recap from someone like me.  You can see them for yourself!  That said, some of you may have missed the Fall 2011 Scholastic preview that came out last month.  I didn’t think to blog it before, so go wild!  It’s up and ready for your attention, such as it is.

Book trailer time!  My respect for this one hinges on the fact that the kids in the video are as good as they are.  They’ve cultivated a kind of dead-eyed calm that I admire.

Speaking of trailers for books, here we have Liz Scanlon and Kathi Appelt discussing Scanlon’s newest title Noodle & Lou.  In it a worm and a blue jay are buds.  Any time I see a book where folks who eat or are eaten by one another are friends I think of that moment in Charise Mericle Harper’s Fashion Kitty where the main character explains how hard it is to be friends with something you want to eat.  She then shows a boy with a pet chocolate cake saying, “I love you.  But I really want to eat you.” Love that book.

Anywho, enjoy!

Thanks to Kathi Appelt for the link.

A new Harry Potter trailer was released this week.  I have resigned myself to not seeing it until it comes out on DVD.  Le sigh.

Thanks to Early Word for the link.

And finally for the off-topic video, I know that Stephen Colbert briefly linked to this video once.  It’s just so doggone Russian and so doggone cheery (two phrases I don’t tend to pair together) that I can’t help but make it my song of the day. La la la la la!

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  1. Jennifer says

    You should go see HP #7 pt.2 in the theaters! When HP #4 came out my son was about a month old. My husband and I both wanted to see it, so I fed the baby right before the movie started and went to see it by myself. My husband met me in a cafe right outside the theater and we did a baby swap. Then he got to see the movie, I could feed the baby again, etc. And the best part was we could still talk about it together that night, so it was almost like we’d seen it together. Just a suggestion, but I hope you get to see it!

  2. My husband and I took our firstborn to a matinee of The Two Towers when he was three months old, and he slept right through it. Subsequent attempts at moviegoing with subsequent children have led to mixed results, but it’s worth a shot, especially if you can find a second-run dollar theatre (do those exist in Manhattan?).

  3. Thanks a ton for the nice mention of Fashion Kitty.
    And just so you know – I’m not sure I could have a pet chocolate cake.
    I don’t have the willpower.
    I would tuck my little cake of chocolatey goodness in at night, and then in the morning . . .just crumbs on the plate.

  4. thirding the motion to take the newborn to movies! is a list of special mom-and-baby matinees in nyc. (i’d argue that you can take a baby to a non-baby screening, too — just sit on the aisle and hustle on out if the baby starts to cry. but between sleeping and nursing, my firstborn didn’t cry.)

  5. lisainberlin says

    Ha ha…that russian guy is hilarious…thanks for that!

  6. I think the Russian guy is actually a muppet. Nothing else makes sense.