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Video Sunday: At worst, I feel bad for a while. But then I just smile.

Top of the morning to you!  And how is your Sunday today?  Lots of good stuff on the roster today, I am happy to report.  First off, the upcoming Selznick smash hit Wonderstruck hardly needs me to promote it, but since I’ve only just now finally picked it up for a read I like hearing Selznick speak about his creations.

For this next video, at first I was mad that I hadn’t seen this video of approximately 500 millions authors and illustrators assuring their kid readers that “it gets better”.  Then I saw that it was just released earlier in the week.  Whew!  This is the kind of video you don’t want to miss out on.

Movie trailer time.  Now years ago I read a fun comic book called The Clockwork Girl and I was sad that there wasn’t a full collected edition of the book for my library to purchase.  This year, that collected edition finally came out, as has an upcoming movie.  Here you can get a sneak peek behind the scenes.  I’m intrigued on several counts.  Check it out:

Speaking of comics, I’d been enjoying the webcomic Sailor Twain by First Second head honcho Mark Siegel for quite some time.  Now Mark has created a Kickstarter project to begin the Sailor Twain ad campaign.  This is an interesting look at the world of webcomics and how they are currently trying to translate into printed books.  The wave of the future?  Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Finally, for our off-topic video, my husband and I have recently been waiting for our baby to start smiling at us.  She’s not even three weeks yet, so we’ve yet to quite get there.  In the interim, then, here’s a TED talk on the power of smiling.  Lots of fun those TED talks.

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