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Video Sunday: Spook-Offs and More

I hope you will excuse the lateness of today’s post.  I was watching Men in Black last night.  As excuses go, I’m sure you’ve heard worse.

100 Scope Notes found what has to be my favorite video of the week, bar none.  George Kareman reminds me of nothing so much as a slightly less weird version of Crispin Glover.  For those of you who know about my Crispin Glover crush, that can only be interpreted as the highest of praise on my part.  You can see parts one and three as well, if you like.  Mr. Stine, you have my undying respect as well.

I was a bit amused when I saw that KSNT (your source for the news, weather, and sports of Topeka, Kansas) has dubbed our friend Philip Nel a “Harry Potter Scholar” (scholar capitalized).  Phil’s an expert in all things children’s literature related, but I had no idea he’d specialized his scholarship in the field of Harry Potterness.  Love the idea, though.

I’ve been feeling increasingly guilty that I haven’t posted so much as a single video of the adventures of our favorite traveling children’s literary enthusiast Mr. Schu (creator of the best children’s literature related video blog Watch. Connect. Read.).  So I am making up for lost time with this video conversation between John and his buddy Michelle as they discuss issues like whether or not you should stop a book partway when it’s not working or finish it in case it improves.

You can keep up with his travels at the blog Adventure Out West ’11.

Okay.  Harry Potter stuff time.  So I somehow managed to avoid watching the unauthorized J.K. Rowling Biopic that played on Lifetime this past Monday.  A pity since I think it would have made for a good let’s-make-fun-of-the-biopic party with friends.  Fortunately I have the post on The Most Ludicrous Moments from Lifetime’s J.K. Rowling Biopic to tide me over, and I have this clip, which sort of gives me a sense of what I missed.  Shucky darn.

Of course, that pales in comparison to this fantastic video of two intrepid fans Lucy and Nora (remember the Harry Potter poster of EVERYTHING they made?) as they create the Black Family Tree:

And finally for the off-topic offering, I saw something similar to this next video a year or so ago.  It also reminds me of the Muppet version of Ocean’s 11 (which I adore).  For your musical pleasure:

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  1. I watched maybe a minute of that Lifetime biopic, and the acting really was too cheesy. It was the scene in which Rowling tried to convince one publishing house to take on her book, and she was just so gosh-darn cheeky with that silly man who wouldn’t give her lovely book a chance. But the thing that got me right away was – the actress looks nothing like Rowling! Oh well. I do like the iO9 post’s description of the levitating candles scene. It reminds me of some scenes from the movie “Miss Potter,” about Beatrix Potter (my favorite Renee Zellweger movie by far). Or “Finding Neverland,” about J.M. Barrie.

  2. Have been traveling hither & yon. Thus, I missed this. Thanks for the shout-out! And LOVE the Sesame Street lip sync of the Beastie Boys’ “Sure Shot.”