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Video Sunday: Bluebeard ain’t too shabby either

Morning, everyone!  While exploring various French children’s literature blogs earlier this week I stumbled across this remarkable little book trailer for a pop-up book.  Love the children’s literature references, though I admit to being baffled by the inclusion of Madame Butterfly.  Ah well.

I did also notice a movie trailer of some sort coming out this week.  Perhaps you are familiar with it? [Note: The embedded link will appear if you click on the “Read More”]

Two interesting things about it.  First, that voiceover appears to be Lenny Kravitz.  That means that this is a pep talk from Cinna, which I think is very interesting indeed.  It sort of telegraphs his importance later in the series.  Second, those four notes played at the end.  That’s got to be the mockingjay song, yes?  Suddenly I’m very excited about Danny Elfman doing the soundtrack.

Speaking of music, here’s a good old-fashioned library protest song.

Just like mother used to make.  Thanks to Playing By the Book for the link!

While on vacation I posted a review of Atinuke’s The No. 1 Car Spotter.  Little did I know that there was a video of her reciting the beginning out there.  Fantastic!  Kinda makes you want to read the book (or in some cases reread the book), yes?

And for our final off-topic video, there’s just nothing finer than seeing true dedication to a craft.  Take this stop-animated version of the classic Jonny Quest opening titles.  Now, parts of it are done on a computer, yes indeed.  But if you go here you’ll see that the bulk of the work is good old-fashioned stop animation.  Epic.

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  1. Oh, that No. 1 Car-Spotter video IS a book-seller! But actually I kind of just want her to read the whole book to me!

  2. Gah! Those four notes! All I can hear is “A rose will bloom…” from Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet!

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      That may not be entirely by accident, it occurs to me . . .

      Someday I need to make a mix of Favorite Shakespeare Songs. I’d include that, “Sigh No More” from Much Ado About Nothing, etc.

  3. Is it really Lenny Kravitz? The first thing that popped into my head was that it was Gale, talking to Katniss as he visits her after the Reaping. It would be really interesting if it was Cinna.

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      Listen to the voice. I’m pretty sure that’s Kravitz talking. Could be Gale but I like the Cinna idea more. After all, he’s one of the last folks she speaks to before she’s sent in.

  4. My “Hunger Games”-obsessed tween and a colleague have both told me that the voice belongs to Gale. (Sorry! I was intrigued by the idea of it being Cinna.) They say the spoken message is pretty close to what Gale said to Katniss after the reaping. Also, the director talks 30-60 seconds about Gale with no mention of Cinna in the promo commentary. (The child has watched the promo MANY times!)