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Fusenews: Zap! Pow! Zam! (Zam?)

Ruh-roh.  I’ve been having too much fun earning a living to leave enough time for blogging.  Time yet again for a super quickie point-by-point-without-the-details Fusenews!  Hold onto your hats . . .

Who are the artists overlooked by the Caldecott?  Elizabeth Bluemle has the scoop.

An East Harlem bookstore needs your help! Thanks to Heather Scott for the link.

  • Everything in this Horn Book article Board-book-a-palooza by Cynthia K. Ritter I agree with.  Everything.
  • Speaking of HB, Roger’s blog has a new format.  Love that bow-tied avatar of his.  Who drew it, I wonder?
  • Don Tate has a fun piece about his time at the Highlights first illustrators intensive Founders workshop. He happened to stay in the same cabin that I did when I visited last summer.  I had no idea I’d stayed where Floyd Cooper had.  Fabulous!
  • Don’t get me wrong.  I love Where’s Waldo but how dedicated am I?  Not this dedicated.  Yeesh!  Thanks to Molly O’Neill for the link.
  • Dunno. If I were to find a title for this story of the 1500 pound Mo Willems sculpture of a pachyderm I think I would have gone with “Elephant and Piggie Iron”.  But that’s me.
  • Who knew that random stills of that old Spider-Man cartoon could be this fun?  Particularly when they involve librarians.

Kseniya Yarosh, I tip my hat to thee.

  • That’s it. I’m making my own Funny Book prize.  This time for American books.  Because, quite frankly, they’re hard to write and I’m jealous of the Brits for getting to have their Roald Dahl Funny Prize.
  • That’s a bloody good idea.  The Guardian is having a competition for kids between 13 and 16, asking them to design a new Lord of the Flies cover.  Publishers in the States should follow suit.
  • I get interviewed by The Gatekeepers Post about my Amazon reviews.

LaVar Burton, who hosted/produced Reading Rainbow, continues to help kids enjoy reading with the launch of RRKidz ( ), a free app for iPad and select Android devices.  Designed to encourage kids to learn and explore through read, RRKidz will also offer a subscription service that will feature a library of e-books curated by Burton.  Founded by Burton and co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer Mark Wolfe (Terminator 3, K-19: The Widowmaker, Kinsey), RRKidz holds global rights to the Reading Rainbow brand through a partnership with series creator and a premier PBS station, WNED-TV (Buffalo, NY).  RRKidz’s CEO is Asra Rasheed, who co-founded and served as COO of video game rental service Gottaplay, and was co-founder and President of Thumb Media Group.  Raymonds Capital, a private investment company, led the first investment round, which also includes the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a foundation devoted to education and entrepreneurship.  RRKidz’s CTO is Duc Haba, with Sangita Patel serving as President/Digital Publishing.

  • Daily Image:

Yup.  I agree.

If you’re going to have an image of Alice in Wonderland on your body, make it a Moser.  Thanks to Eliza Brown for the link.

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  1. I see in your Gatekeeper’s post you mention Jon Klassen’s book… he’s on my blog today talking about his bookish inspiration. I was quite surprised by his choices, I wonder what you’ll make of them. I love these round ups – like a magpie’s nest full of lovely sparkly bits I want to pick up and have a look at.

  2. Thank for posting the Lord of the Flies link- I sent it on to my neighbor’s son (who is quite a talented young artist). 🙂

  3. Doesn’t the Sid Fleischman humor award count?

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      It does but I like the shortlist aspect. The Fleischman Award only goes to one book a year, yes?

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      Oh yes. Hard not to be torn on that one. On the one hand, we all like Emma Thompson. On the other hand, is this the first time where a public domain children’s literary character had their story appropriated by a celebrity author?

  4. I wish she would write her own story. She’s a talented and witty writer (the screenplay for Sense and Sensibility is a treat to read); it’s not like she just decided to start writing out of the blue.

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      Actually she did write a Nanny McPhee sequel. But again that was taking an existing character and expanding on it rather than thinking up her own work. She could potentially be the next Julie Andrews Edwards of children’s literature if she let herself.

  5. Ha! Just saw this. Thanks so much for the link. So glad you got a kick out of it!

    The librarian was a villain but I was just happy to see a new female character on the show–someone besides Betty Brant.