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Video Sunday: More Glitter

Somewhere along the way I completely missed this Percy Jackson video in which everyone from Brian Selznick to a moustachioed Eoin Colfer (when did that happen?) chat it up.  Video #2 contains a bit of advice  that John Rocco actually had to contend with when he made the jacket for The Lightening Thief: “Green covers don’t sell.”  I love mistaken common publishing wisdom.

Thanks to Bookmaker’s Dozen for the links.

Kids these days.  I dunno what to do with them.  With their electronic thingymajigs and their Facebook whozaz and their cries to not ban books  . . .

Thanks to Marjorie Ingall (who discovered this on her iPhone).

Full credit to Travis Jonker for finding this one.  He’s right.  Orrin Hatch totally whipped out a Harry Potter reference (psst. . . . nobody tell him which HP character Scalia actually resembles).

Now here’s an idea.  Book trailer as music video.  Surely this has been done before, right?  Surely?  In any case, here’ A Train With Wings for the book Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver.  Harper Collins hired transmedia firm Radiator to create the trailer.  I think the visuals are great.  The song could have benefited if it had made the song less pop rock/Glee-ish and more haunting, but it’s still okay.

Thanks to Stephen Barbara for the link.

Finally I’ll get off-topicy with you but I will at least say that I could see these creatures as characters in a book for kids.  Easily.  Make sure you watch until they start walking.

For further info on them The New Yorker has more.

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