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Fusenews: She could be Fuse #8.1

Okey-doke. So today we begin with an addendum.  I believe that it was not long ago that with the announcement of the new Printz Award blog Someday My Printz Will Come I mentioned its existence without acknowledging that there may have been another and previously existing Printz Award blog out there.  Well slap my sides and call me sally, my fellow co-author on an upcoming Candlewick book Peter Sieruta (who’s post delves deep into that moment when as an adult reader you discover that you are older than the parents in a children’s book) points out that there was already a Printz blog out there of venerable character and infinite wit called Printz Picks.  I can only claim ignorance, not being particularly familiar with the world of YA . . . but I think we all know that’s a bit of a cop out on my part.  Mea culpa, Peter.  I shall now read every entry on that blog to make suitable amends.

  • I do know enough about YA to concede that this news is big news, though.  Also, how amazing is it that her editor told her to rewrite it from scratch?  Now THAT is editing, my friends!  Well played, Kathy Dawson.  Well played, indeed.
  • Trend Alert: Well, it had to happen eventually.  I’ve been rendered obsolete.  Back in the day when I started visiting publisher previews and blogging about them I admit that I felt pretty clever about the whole thing.  No one else was blogging them, after all.  Here we had a brand new untapped resource for interesting blog fodder.  And from 2006 until today I was still one of the very few bloggers to do this.  It took roughly five years before a publisher thought to themselves, “Hey . . . Betsy’s not the only blogger in town, is she?”  No she is not.  So it is that Simon & Schuster has taken what I am regarding as the logical next step.  They’ve engaged the group Buzzing Bloggers (seen here:!/buzzingbloggers) to round up a group of NYC parental, toy, and gift bloggers for their very own preview, sans librarians.  I was invited to both the blogger preview (complete with childcare services) and the librarian preview (not so much) this season.  I am unable to go to either of them, sadly.  That’s okay, though.  I suspect that this is one preview that will be getting plenty o’ coverage.  Don’t be surprised if other publishers begin to follow suit.
  • Speaking of which, I attended a Penguin preview the other day that I need to write up.  Until then, some of you may be interested to know that there will be a new edition of that old Tam Lin takeoff Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones on the horizon. As editor Sharyn November tweets, “Yes — Spring 2012, along w/ A TALE OF TIME CITY and DOGSBODY, all w/ stellar introductions. These will be the definitive editions.”  You heard it here.
  • Does the term “chosen one” give you a case of the hives every time you hear it?  You’re not alone.  A fellow named Rob guest blogs over at Jonathan Auxier’s site about Chosen Ones, both good and bad.  Poorly Done: Harry Potter.  Well Done: Ender from Ender’s Game.  You may have some opinions on that matter, but I think we can all agree that Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender really is a fantastic “Chosen One” character.  I’m watching the series right now and I’m seriously impressed by it.  That and Scooby-Doo, Mystery Incorporated (and for a connection between the original Scooby-Doo theme song and Charles Manson, go here).
  • And speaking of pitting fictional males against one another (Are there less “Chosen One” girls than boys? Discuss) let’s look at a different smackdown.  This time it’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid V. Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze.  The debate continues to rage on here and here, but I am torn.  Much I love both Harry and Aang with equal fervor, so too do I adore Greg and Milo, two of my favorite lovable losers.  For me, there is no contest.  Everyone wins.  *sprinkles puppies and glitter over everything*

When Baby Bird was imminent my brother bought her a little stuffed Cthulhu.  Now, at long last, I’ve a book to read her as well.  Thanks to Gregory K. for the link!

In other pseudo-Seuss news, I first read on 100 Scope Notes about the movie star who may be playing him in a biopic.  If Depp covers Barrie and Seuss, how much longer before he stars in The Mo Willems Story?  I say give it a year.  Tops.

Working for NYPL, I acknowledge that there’s all kinds of stuff in its archives and collections of which I shall probably remain ignorant.  Today’s example of an unknown gem: All the cool images we have from the 1913 stage show The Tik-Tok Man of Oz.  Thanks to J.L. Bell for the link.

Sharon Creech is so cool.  I wish I could pepper my blog posts about the differences between editors and copyeditors with images of squirrel stalkers.

  • I first saw Bumble-Ardy, the new Maurice Sendak book, in a bookstore in the West Village.  Rarely am I without words to describe things, but this time I was left pretty effectively speechless.  In cases such as this, I am grateful for folks like Philip Nel who are willing to pick up the slack for me.  To his words of wisdom, may I add my own, “Guh?  Guh.”
  • Adam Rex says these remind him of photos in HP newspapers.  Mac Barnett concurs.
  • Daily Image:

About seven people of my acquaintance sent me this photo when it first debuted.  I had no idea I had a librarian doppelganger living here in New York.  Make that a much cooler librarian doppelganger than myself:

Someday I’m going to buy that woman a drink.  Thanks to folks for the image!

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  1. Heck, no! Mo Willems will be playing himself, thankyouverymuch.

    Also, SQUEE re: the DWJ reprints!

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying Avatar: The Last Airbender so much. I’ve rarely seen children’s television crafted so well and with such attention to detail.

  3. Groovy. Now I can stop checking out my library’s dog-eared DOGSBODY paperback. I’m always afraid someday they’re going to purge it.