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Video Sunday: Awesome Amateur Actor Night

Yep.  A good old-fashioned bit of library/musical theater parody.  Joyce Valenza got some students to explain curation things Broadway style.  They do a good job.  I was trying to think up other Fiddler-inspired MLIS songs but it’s tough.  20 points if you can come up with another.

I like to say that writing a really good picture book can be far more difficult than writing a YA novel at times.  But seriously, why choose?

It really doesn’t matter what movie I watch sometimes.  Whatever it might be, there’s always a children’s literature connection lurking in the shadows.  Last night the resident husband and I watched Nobody’s Fool (1994) starring Paul Newman.  At one point Newman’s grandson is seen reading the Tintin adventure The Blue Lotus, which is timely.  After all, we’ve got a Tintin movie on the horizon so librarians everywhere?  Stock your shelves!!!  Little Brown has put out some great kid-friendly versions of his stories (now with less racism!) that you’ll probably want to get your hands on before the film comes out (though their smaller print size is unfortunate).  Here, British author/illustrator John Fardell (The 7 Professors of the Far North) discusses Hergé’s style, why we like it so much, and how it has influenced his own art.

For this next book trailer . . . paging, Vivian Alcott.  Alcott, party of one?

When lessons are taught on quality cheap book trailers, I hope this is used as an example.  Thanks to Playing By the Book for the link.

Entertainment Weekly, of all places, had a really top notch interview with The Pigeon Man the other day.  Along the way they showed off his Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App app.  Durn.  I may actually have to shell something out and get this one.

I do sorta wish they’d gotten Jon Scieszka to do the voice of the bus driver again like he did in the Weston Woods film, but that’s probably too much to ask.

Halloween is near and it seems the shame not to have a librarian-related spooky video.  This is a good example of a fun video you can make with your teen patrons.  Plus it lets you see the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library system.  So for those of you who are curious . . .

And finally, this last off-topic video boils down to being a big long Chipotle ad, but it’s still worth it, I think.

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  1. ::snicker::
    I’m sure Adelina McWoof will someday see that video as blackmail…

  2. That Agatha story creeped me out!