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Video Sunday: “Roddy Doyle: National Institution”

Must . . . steal . . . this . . . idea  . . . . NOW! David Maybury, for those of us on this side of the pond, dubs himself a “Children’s Book Commentator” and has a swell blog worth discovering.  New life goal: To become him.

Achockablog, words do not suffice to thank you for letting me know about that video.

So it’s a low-key Video Sunday today.  After speaking at The Carle Museum of Picture Book Art on Thursday with Anita Silvey and Lisa Holton (it went swimmingly!) driving back Friday for a Norton Juster dinner (at this point I’m just bragging), and hosting Nora Raleigh Baskin, Suzanne Morgan Williams, Sara Lewis Holmes, and Rosanne Parry in my library for a Children’s Literary Salon on children’s literature and military brats, my blogging searches for vids this week came in a passable second.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a couple goodies!  Like this “interview” with Peter Brown by one of his creations.

What kills me is that I know that voice of Lucy.  I know that person.  Who IS that person???

Of course, the only reason I knew about that was because Mr. Schu’s Watch. Read. Connect. linked to both that and this Etsy blog video series (Etsy blog???) with Mr. Brown.  In it, Peter creates a playlist of videos in honor of Picture Book Month.  The Where the Wild Things Are opera is a brilliant place to start and it only gets better from there.  Consider this all the videos you ever need to see for the day.

And thanks to Mr. Schu for the links!

A delight in its own way is this animated video of Neil Gaiman reading James Thurber’s The 13 Clocks.  Just a pleasure, really.

Thanks to Jules at 7-Imp for the link!

And finally, for the off-topic portion of our post, something lovely.  A mumuration of starlings.  Precisely what you need to set you off for the rest of your day.

Many thanks to Swiss Miss for the link.

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  1. I blame Edward Schieffelin.

  2. Since going off-topic seems permitted today, just want to say how much I enjoyed the Sunday Times Book Review section on kids books. How to let kids be heroes without those pesky grown-ups meddling is always a challenge, so I really appreciated your review “Manhattan Mysteries”, especially the celebration of books with “children free to go anywhere and to solve crimes, not to say their own problems”.

  3. Elizabeth Bird says

    Oh good! Is that up? I’ll have to take a gander at it. I’m always a little vague as to when those things run. Cheers!

  4. Oh, that review video is fabulous! And the 13 Clocks is a personal fave, so that was fab, too. Thanks for those links!

  5. LOVE the Maybury clip!