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Video Sunday: But you don’t have to take my word for it (ba-dum-bum!)

That was this week’s Most Alerted Video.  I had a couple folks send it my way and I admit that you simply could not come up with a better beginning to a Video Sunday.  Aside from the fact that Fallon does one heckuva Jim Morrison, I love the choices of books he sings halfway through.  Hopefully LeVar is aware of this (how could he not be?).  Thanks to Jarrett Krosoczka, Anna Hebner, and Lindsey Lane and others for the link!

Book trailer time!  As some of you might be aware the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid came out this week.  I’d have read it except that I was too busy downing a very different Abrams book by the name of My Friend Dahmer (do NOT get the two mixed up!).  This book trailer is for the Kinney title but there’s something odd about it.  I think I’m becoming a major book trailer snob.  For as big a book as the latest Wimpy Kid is, why did they opt for GarageBand background music?  Now hand me my caviar and don’t chintz on the 1978 Montrachet, my good man.

And now another book trailer.  This one comes from James Proimos and is for 12 Things to Do Before You Crash and Burn.  The bt as short film.  I have seen it done before (the MT Anderson video here, for example) but it’s rare to see it so . . . . artistic, I guess.

Author Katie Davis alerted me to this next video.  As she says, it’s “a book charity that is really different and whom I’m interviewing for next week’s podcast. It’s called Milk and Bookies and it’s got the most gorgeous web site ever, and GREAT video which you should totes use for Video Sunday (IMHO!) Here is the URL, and the video is right on the home page.”

So I checked it out and lo and behold . . . she’s right!  This thing is bloody gorgeous.

That’s all I had this week, folks.  More soon, you betcha.  In the meantime, enjoy this little short film.  I found it via Dan Santat.  Nice.

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  1. Wow! A fabulous Video Sunday! Laughs, thrills, chills and excitement. I was searching my brain pan for why James Proimos’s name was ringing such a bell…and then it came to me: Todd’s TV! Really, this was a wonderfully varied and delightful set of videos today. Thank you! Well done/gathered/posted!

  2. I read somewhere that LeVar saw Fallon’s video and loved it and tweeted it. Or something like that. Could have dreamt it, could have been a lousy source, but I know I read *some*thing like that in the hypo-hyper world of Facebook. (Not a reliable thing, but for what it’s worth…)

  3. Anne Marie says:

    It’s true! Levar Burton-approved.

    LeVar Burton This is SO good it’s definitely worth repeating… Thanks! @questlove @jimmyfallon
    16 Nov via TweetDeck
    Retweeted by ZaraRafferty and 100+ others