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Video Sunday: “I’m not really a sporty person”

You just know a video is big when it has folks outside the usual children’s literary circles talking about it.  Such was the case with the recent Colbert Report interview with Maurice Sendak.  Somebody must have tipped off Stephen to the fact that Maurice would make for a brilliant interview.  It’s pretty clear from the get-go that Maurice understands the Colbert character at work.  Though, now that I think about it, even if he didn’t I doubt his answers would be any different.  And then there’s the second part:

Make what you will of this tongue-in-cheek follow-up article.  Thanks to Anita Silvey and Jules at 7-Imp for the link!

Of course the big news to come out this week was that the 2012 Trailee Awards for the best child and teen related book videos were released.  Mr. Schu has the full list of winners here.  I’d seen some of them but completely missed this one for my friend Marie Rutkoski’s novel The Cabinet of Wonders:

I have a fine appreciation for happy dances.  And as debut authors go Jessica Rothenberg’s is now the one to beat:

And now the best thing you’ll see all day, all week, all month.  I credit Jules with this delightful find.  Tis a pure delight.

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  1. Maurice never disappoints.


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