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Video Sunday: Needing, Getting, Happenings, and Girls

My general rule is that unless I find three good videos in a given week I am inclined to skip Video Sunday.  And the last week or two has been a difficult one.  Sometimes videos with a children’s literature connection sprout up like weeds.  Other times they’re rarities.  Today, I’m pleased to have found my minimum (plus the usual off-topic goodness).  First and foremost up there, a book I am incredibly excited about and looking forward to.  The trailer reminds me of Reading Rainbow, in the best possible way.

Then, naturally, we follow that up with the Battle of the (Kids’) Books trailer.  The Downton Abbey music did throw me for a second, though.

This one’s from a Scottish poet as a kind of ode to women who read.  Workplace friendly?  You’re call.  May as well play it safe, I suppose.

Thanks to Sue Banner for the link.

And finally, I’m only human. When a new OK GO video is out, I pay attention.  Even if it’s part car ad.  For the record this is real.  Not done in post or anything.

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  1. Well played, Betsy Bird! Well played! A very satisfactory Video Sunday. 😀