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Video Sunday: April Fool’s Day Edition

And by “edition” I mean that my April Fool’s joke of the day is that I’m not doing anything that has even the slightest connection to April Fool’s Day.  Surprise!  Don’t worry.  You’ll see plenty of stuff around the web to fool you ah-plenty.  Remember the day.

Now sit back for a treat.

Bloody ‘ell.  That. . . . geez.  Book trailer genius?  Kinda sorta yeah, duh.  My only question is, who played the therapist?

On to older book trailers.  After seeing this trailer for The Unwanteds (long since out) my husband was reminded of Hunger Games.  It’s all about The Giver for me.

Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link.

Apologies for the ad before this next video but I figured that this was the best way to let you know about the recent theft of a Lorax statue from the home of the Seuss widow.  I had no idea she was ninety.  To whom will the Seuss rights revert someday?  Her children?  Tis a puzzle.

So this is a good idea.  Such a good idea that I wish we had a Newbery/Caldecott equivalent.  Observe the Shadowing Site for the Carnegie/Greenaway Awards of England.  Authors (great authors) and illustrators (great illustrators) speak about their shortlisted titles.  Naturally we don’t shortlist our own award winners, but even if we had a nice, clean site like this one for the winners after their wins it would be a boon.  And here to show off one such video is Vivian Schwartz with whom I am now deeply in love.

And finally, for your off-topic of the day, let’s get purdy.  I’ve clearly been in a dance mood lately, so today it’s super slow motion ballet.  Good for figure studies, yes?

Thanks to Swiss Miss for the link!

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  1. JMyersbook says

    Wow! Loved the super-slo-mo ballet. What incredible angles they created!

  2. Sam Bloom says

    Some day I hope for the release of the Mac Barnett/Adam Rex book trailer compilation DVD. I would totally buy that.