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Video Sunday: That cake’s my most bestest creation

Who says you need to be Ed Emerley to make fingerprints dance?  A canny bit of book promotion, this title is out this year but I certainly hadn’t heard of it until now (Laurence King Publishers, anyone?).  Now I’ll need to see it for myself.  It’s Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art by Marion Deuchars.  Thanks to Julian Hector for the link!

Altogether now . . . awwwwwwwwww.

Okay, book trailer time.  Full discloser, Mr. Eliot Schrefer is in my writing group and I read this book, Endangered, in manuscript form.  The man can write.  I mean, really write.  I don’t see much YA in a given year, but I saw this and it was glorious.  But, in the words of the immortal LeVar Burton, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Or, if you’d just rather watch Eliot get covered in apes:

Then there’s Mr. Jarrett Krosoczka. Or, as I like to think of him, the hardest working man in show business.  Now I only assume this, but surely he teaches other authors how to use social networking and technology to connect with fans, yes?  I only wonder since he’s sort of really good at it.  Example A: a recap of a webcast his did with kids recently.  Theme song and all:

Example B: The comics that were made during the workshop.  I rest my case.

Finally, my off-topic video that isn’t very off-topic.  If I’m going to be honest, I almost opened the post today with this bad lip-reading of Twilight.  What can I say?  It made me laugh very very hard (on the second segment anyway).  Forgive me if there’s a political ad before it.

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  1. “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeviiiiiin.”

  2. The super librarian video was wonderful!

  3. Jen Lehmann says:

    Just read Endangered as a review book, and loved it! I saw your name in the acknowledgements. 🙂 It’s a book (I’ve read a few lately) that would have been much easier to read before I was a mother, though. The tension didn’t let up!

  4. I have GOT to read Endangered. It’s been on my list since WAY before it came out, I followed his awesome blog while he was in DRC, books set in Africa are priority for me, etc etc. I just have to not do anything else this weekend until I read it. You are the straw on the camel’s back, Betsy! IT IS RESOLVED.