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Video Sunday: Reading Rainbow fans are vast. They contain multitudes.

Admittedly I’ve been a bad blogger.  How long has it been since I did a Video Sunday?  Well, you can just bet that this one will be extra good to make up for it.

To be perfectly frank, nonfiction book trailers don’t usually look as good as the one I’m about to show you.  When you can find them at all, of course.  Rare little beasties, they are.  This one is for Mary Losure’s Wild Boy, a book that is circulating amazingly well in my system right now!

Speaking of lovely trailers, I couldn’t help but be impressed by this one.  It’s for the lovely fairy tale The Girl of the Wish Garden by Uma Krishnaswami, illustrated by Nasrin Khosravi, and based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina.  A prettier book, you could not hope to find.

Who is the patron saint of children’s literature?  To my mind it’s a toss up between Ashley Bryan and LeVar Burton.  Here, LeVar answers questions on CNN.


A shift in gears.  This past week was a tough one, what with the bombing in Boston.  I do appreciate it whenever anyone brings up the Mr. Rogers line about watching the helpers.  However, it is a little sad that the only time Mr. Rogers is mentioned these days is when there’s some horrible event in the news.  Here’s the man in happier times.  It was Travis at 100 Scope Notes and Zachariah Ohora that got the scoop on an old Mr. Rogers episode where he visits none other than Eric Carle.  It starts at 12:17 (just in case you don’t want to indulge in Fortune Cookie Man at this precise moment).


Now THAT is how you get paint on a smock, my friends.

Finally, for our off-topic video of the day, I had to go with this one.  Consider it a sample from the nonexistent television show I would most like to see someday.

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  1. LeVar Burton WITH Lewis Gossett Jr. bonus!