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Video Sunday: “… drawing and doodling is a form of physicalized empathy” – Mo Willems

Oh, like I was going to start off with anything else this week.  Dahl was robbed!

During BEA, one of the women of the hour was our own Monica Edinger (who blogged about the experience here).  Her upcoming book Africa Is My Home: A Child of the Amistad is so remarkable that it is physically difficult not to constantly keep talking about it on this site.  In lieu of that, here’s a great trailer for the title to give just the tiniest taste.  Brilliant, beautiful stuff.

Augh!  Book carwash!!

Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link.

Mr. Schu was nice enough to link to a great interview between Al Roker and Mo Willems the other day.  I like the inclusion of the Carle Museum and Mo’s dinner room.  Weird that they don’t mention the Carle’s exhibit on Mo, though.  Seems a pity.  I think the part that no one’s properly discussing here is the fact that Al Roker is a darned good doodler in his own right.  But what’s up with that hot to trot lady penguin?  Dude.


Now THIS is impressive.  A fan made book trailer created long before the publication of the book in question.  When I tell you that Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett’s Battle Bunny is a game changer, I am not joking.  Just check out this video from Pink Me if you don’t believe me.

Thanks to Monica Edinger for the link.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein is one heckuva fun book.  I’ve read it.  I’ve enjoyed it.  I even liked the accompanying video.  Check it:

Don’t know how I missed this one the first time.  It appears to be a 90-Second Newbery love letter in the form of a song.

As for our final off-topic video, I guess I’m going to play it safe and say it’s not workplace appropriate, though honestly unless you’ve a dislike of goo or raw hearts, there’s nothing bad about it.  Probably wouldn’t show it to kids, though.  There’s something about teddy bears . . .  . they might take it too personally.

Thanks to Marci Morimoto for the link.

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  1. Hi Betsy,
    At the end of the Today Show segment — Al did call out the Mo Willems exhibition at The Carle! Maybe it was cut from the link you received. We were thrilled to welcome Mo and The Today Show to the Museum for the taping. The exhibition Seriously Silly: A Decade of Art and Whimsy By Mo Willems opens this Saturday at The Carle!

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      Oh good. That escaped my notice on a first glance. Glad to see the inclusion!

  2. Another great roundup, Betsy!