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Video Sunday: If I could chose my own cool library name I’d go with “In Transit”

A conservative estimate would say that around seven people sent me this particular video this week.  A hat tip to every last person who set out to alert then.  I wasn’t necessarily going to make a Video Sunday this week, but after watching this I just couldn’t pass this up.  The editing, man, the editing!!

Now the customary book trailer to start things off on the right note.  Today we’re enjoying one with live kid actors (a trend I’ve covered before).  It’s Jack Strong Takes a Stand by Tommy Greenwald.

I just like any video that uses the chain gang song.

I find this next video vastly important to those of us in the library game, and I think it speaks for itself.  From a blog piece at thewikiman called How we made a (pretty nice) virtual Library Tour video for almost no money, the piece covers the basics on how to make a good, accessible, cheap, smart library tour for incoming freshmen at a university.  No reason this can’t be adapted to a school library setting, though.  Or even the public library sphere.  Great advice, and a good video.  Read the blog post, but also watch the video if you’ve half a mind to.

To the already listed advice I would add, “Give everyone British accents”.  Poor Americans. We’re hardwired to find anyone with those accents smart. It’s our nature.  Thanks to AL Direct for the link.

These days the Scholastic Book Group is getting all kinds of virtual.  They’ve a nifty blog called Book Box  Daily which provides all sort o’ info for the masses.  They also happen to have these cute little videos for distinct books that they like.  For example, here you will find Mia Cabana (who reminds us that Scholastic is located in Soho – so I would like all of you to fall under the mistaken impression that I dress like this too) discusses The Year of the Book by Andrea Cheng.  The craft makes for a nice touch.

And for our off-topic video, I am 98.5% convinced I already posted this once before but my files say otherwise.  In any case, it’s beautiful enough that I don’t particularly care if I’m repeating myself.  It’s from a show called The Icebook.  More than that I can’t say.

Thanks to Children’s Illustration for the link.

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  1. Woah! That Ice Book is amazing!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our video with the world! We have the most fun making them, and more are coming soon!