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Video Sunday: Everything in this post reeks of awesome

Took me a couple minutes to get into this one, but once I remembered the premise it helped.  This is basically The Wizard of Oz redone with pop songs.  A lot of which, sad to say, I have never heard of.  Fortunately I could at least recognize the weird genius of the line, “You’re just a lion on the cold hard ground” from Taylor Swift’s “Trouble”.  I’m not completely out of it.  Plus you should check out The Wizard himself.  A more badass Wiz I’ve yet to see.

Thanks to Marci for the link.

Next up, I’m just a tiny bit mad that there was a trailer for Boxers & Saints out there that was THIS GOOD and yet it took me roughly six months to discover it on my own.  Your required watching of the day:

Um . . . may I work for Chronicle now? Please?  I mean seriously . . . pretty please?  No, honestly.  I would work for you.  Make me an offer.  This video?  I want to go to there.

The sole fault that I can find is that they do not properly credit everyone by name at the end.  That is a mistake.  I want to know who these folks are.

The Scholastic Reading Club blog Book Box Daily has a tendency to produce adorable videos.  None so adorable as this, though.  Here we have my friend Lori.  Short of showing you puppies romping on a field, I could not display anything quite as cute.  Particularly when she involves her siblings in her readings.

Finally, our off-topic video. I confess that had Stephany Aulenback not posted this on her blog Crooked House I probably would never have heard of artist Grace Weston at all. This might as well be called “Grace Weston: The artist you’d actually like to meet and hang out with for long periods of time”. Stephany says she has a “Mr Roger’s Neighborhood and Hieronymous Bosch” sensibility, and I see that but for me she’s filling the gap that The Far Side left in our hearts when Gary Larson fled the scene.

“. . . and then the laundry gets destroyed by ash!” *laughs hysterically*

Awesome.  Thank you, Stephany for the link.

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