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Video Sunday: Gobs of authorial types (and the filling of pants with tacos)

This is probably going to be of the most interest to those of you who have an interest in comic book inking in general.  Paul Karasik, who is the head of programming for Comic Arts Brooklyn, interviewed Jeff Smith while he (the creator of the Bone graphic novel series) inked a Bone illustration for the audience. I admit it. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.

Thanks to Phil Nel for the link.

Someday I hope I’m a big enough picture book author that I’m able to encourage grown people to put tacos down their pants. It’s a dream, but I think it’s one worth pursuing. Note: Ignore the contest mention at the end. The date is long past, children. Long past.

Thanks to Lori for the link (and for starring in it!).

We had the pleasure of hosting French illustrator Marc Boutavant at a recent Children’s Literary Salon at NYPL last month.  He is, as you may know, the man behind the art of Mouk, his best known picture book creation.  There is, in fact, a Mouk television show debuting here.  I, for my part, much prefer the French.  The intro is just doggone charming.  Can’t vouch for the show itself, but dig that catchy rhythm:

Speaking of television shows based on works of children’s literature, I was inordinately pleased to hear that they were turning Michael Rex’s Fangbone into a show of its own.  Makes perfect sense.  They’ve a fun little video element up right now where kids can vote on the animated voices and background sounds.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah.  This next guy’s embraced his time in France.

Probably fits in like a native.

I was pleased to see this Steve Jenkins video for his latest collage masterpiece The Animal Book making the rounds.  If only because it gives you insight into how he creates his art.

Finally, for our off-topic video, a commercial.  A blatant, sentimental commercial.  And danged if it didn’t make me well-up.  I must be getting soft in my old age.


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  1. Ohmigosh. It made me tear up, too! We’re a pair of softies!