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Fusenews: “The Axl Rose Hair Metal hair of picture book cover cupcakes”

  • It’s been a good week and it’s only Thursday!  I’ve cooed and oohed and aahed over NYPL’s 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing 2013 list before.  Nothing new to say  . . . or is there?  I don’t suppose you happened to see NPR’s interactive booklist consisting of their Best Books of 2013 (in a rare moment of bliss, I like all their children’s book choices though some diversity wouldn’t have been out of place).  Well, NYPL took one look at that list and thought, “Heck. We can do that.”  And so they did!  Meet the Interactive Books List of NYPL.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s user friendly.  It’s the only place you can find animated Melissa Sweet.  Overall, I rather love it.  Hope you do too.
  • In other best book news, Colby Sharp and Donalyn Miller teamed up at BuzzFeed and produced a list of 20 of the Best Children’s Books 2013.  And AGAIN I like all the choices.  Do you know how rare this is?  Extra points for including Donner Dinner Party.  Love that thing.  Love anyone who includes it on a list.
  • Having trouble keeping track of all the Best Of lists out there?  Mr. Schu’s your man.  Thanks to him, we now have a nicely compiled 2013 Best Books Lists posting.  It’s very attractive.  Of course, if you want the most complete listing out there, there’s no better place to go than Chicken Spaghetti.  The information is AMAZING over there.
  • A lot has been said lately about how big Best lists of children’s books this year have neglected to include any Latino characters (NPR and The New York Times most notably).  Perfect timing then for the 2014 Reading Challenge suggested by Latin@s in Kid Lit.  Take a look at the guidelines and join, but seriously?  One book a month?  I think you can handle that.  They even have some suggestions to start you off (yay, Nino!).
  • And, of course, if you read only one Best list, read the 100 Scope Notes highly hilarious Year in Miscellanea.  Plus he mentions my superfluous little cupcake.  Quoth he it’s, “the Axl Rose Hair Metal hair of picture book cover cupcakes.”  You’re just going to have to read his piece to understand what that means.


  • Tempted to see Saving Mr. Banks in the theater this holiday season?  Feel free but be aware that the film may be throwing P.L. Travers under the bus in the process.  A great piece from Jerry Griswold, former Director of the National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature.
  • Anyone who has ever attended one of James Kennedy’s 90-Second Newbery Film Festivals will attest that they are a bundle of fun.  Just the most delightful little films, created by kids, turning Newbery winners into concise 90-second films.  Some are, understandably, better than others but there’s nothing cooler than sitting in a theater next to a kid who gets to see their film projected on a big screen for the first time in their young lives.  Want to join in?  The deadline for the next 90-second films is January 20th.  So get cracking, young geniuses!  For lots more information about the events and the showings, go here.
  • Awww.  This is so sweet.  Over at Mocking It Up, Rebecca did me a solid and created this simply gorgeous infographic on the books that are topping the Mock Newbery lists around the country (she compiled results from 19 different Mocks).  That’s a ton of work but the results are simply gorgeous.  Wowzah!  Well done, madam.
  • Daily Image:

Why, yes.  That IS a bookshelf in the shape of a robot.

Now you all know what you’re getting for your birthday.  Surprise!

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  1. That Fischer Price baby iPad thingie is scary and evil. But… Did they get the idea for that by watching Wall-e?

  2. That baby looks exactly like the humans on the spaceship in Wall-e.

  3. Thanks for including our 2014 Reading Challenge!!
    -Cindy for Latinos In Kid Lit