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Video Sunday: “The chopper was a softie, though…”

No, as you can probably tell I am not in Philly this weekend for the American Library Association’s Midwinter Conference.  I am okay with this.  Yes, it would remarkably easy for me to attend.  Heck, I could probably go and sleep at home every night, but all told I wasn’t quite up for a conference this time around.  In lieu of that, let’s talk videos!

As I may have mentioned before, on Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. EST I will be co-hosting the SLJ Youth Media Awards Pre-Game and Post-Game Show.  Should be a lot of fun, but you know what?  Sometimes finding the right site to watch can be hard.  No longer!  I will now EMBED the two live stream shows so that when you appear bleary-eyed Monday morn all you have to do is come to this post to watch Lori Ess and I as we pull our own Tina Fey / Amy Poehler type show (considering we will be getting up 5:30ish to get to the SLJ studios, expect us to be far less entrancing than the aforementioned Fey/Poehler duo . . . that and the fact that we’re not paid comedians). For what it’s worth, I’m not sure if this will actually work. If it doesn’t, just go to this site and it should work instead. Here goes nuthin’!

Here is the Pre-Game Show:

And here is the Post-Game Show:

See you Monday!

In the same vein, it seems appropriate right before the ALA Youth Media Awards on Monday to watch a video with a whole slew of award winners.  Open Road Media really did a stand up and cheer job with this.

This one is slightly different but also quite good.

If anything, it has inspired me to someday get my ears re-pierced so that I can do like Betsy Byars and get some “BB” earrings.  Awesome.

Well, it’s official. Chicago Public Library rocks, or at least so say the Germans. It must be tough to rank as the top #3 library system in the WORLD, but somehow CPL managed it. Well done, folks. The bragging rights are now yours at the current Midwinter Conference. Go, Andrew Medlar!

Sorry if it sort of started up without your permission. I hate posts that do that! But thanks to Kate for the link.

This next joint’s a bit bizarre.  Seems some cat back in 1953 started putting out hep recordings of some of the finest fairytales with a twist.  Can’t get any better than Snow White, dig?

If you’re curious you an also hear the Little Red Riding Hood, the Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three Pigs, and I suspect many more.  Jazz, baby.  That’s where it’s at.  Thanks to Jules for the links!

Okay.  It’s official.  Someday, somehow, I am going to do a Billy-Crystal-at-the-Oscars style medley of the Newbery/Caldecott winners.  And when I do, I have found the world’s most perfect collaborator.  One way or another, I shall rope author Sue Fleiss into helping me.  Don’t know how I’ll pull it off, but after hearing her latest parody (one of “Royals” by Lorde) it’s final.

Finally, instead of an Off-Topic Video, I was asked to mention a nice little thing I’ll be doing in April.  That month Angie Karcher will be running an ambitious RhyPiBoMo . . . . translation = Rhyming Picture Book Month, blog series.  For more information feel free to visit Angie’s blog.  For my part I shall try to do something appropriately brilliant.  Not sure what quite yet.  At least I have a snazzy picture to prove I’m part of it, though!



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