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Video Sunday: Ice ice, baby

If you’re anything like me you probably found this video of the YOU WON calls given by the Caldecott, Newbery and Coretta Scott King committees to be a heckuva lot of fun.  I could watch people getting good news all day, I could.  Particularly when it’s people I like.

Tongue . . . tongue stuck so firmly in cheek it is difficult to remove . . .

Thanks to Lara Morris Starr for the link.

Ah, children.  When you have your own you can make SUCH good use of them!  For narration purposes, for example:

Apparently the animator on this one was one Jesse Schmal, a fellow who has worked for Mo Willems and Tom Warburton on Codename: Kids Next Door.

I’m going to have some difficulty explaining this next video any better than e.e. Charlton -Trujillo did in the Huffington Post piece The Clearance Kids.  It’s part of the documentary At-Risk Summer which went to Fair View High School in Chico, California. As Ms. Charlton-Trujillo put it, “It’s an alternative education school that harbors the kids deemed by many as the criminals, the rejects and the misfits. These students inked with gang tattoos, dyed green punk hair, post teen pregnancy appearances or linebacker-sized guys with hidden identities who don’t conform to the norm of traditional high school, soon became my heroes.”  Watch this and they might become yours too.

The film will also feature such authors as Kathryn Erskine, Matt de la Pena, A.S. King, Ellen Hopkins, Ned Vizzini (aw), Andrew Smith and many many more.  FYI, folks.

This next is just too much fun.  These are scenes of George Clooney getting seriously animated, both literally and figuratively, when recording The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Thanks to PW Children’s Bookshelf for the link.

How odd.  We’ve posted only one book trailer today.  Well, let’s switch that up (no pun intended).  This here’s the latest from Barbara Brooks.  Cat lovers of the world, rejoice.

If you have ever wondered what my voice would sound like approximately 5 decibel levels lower than their normal state, allow me to embed here my interview with the lovely Jordan Lloyd Bookey of Zoobean.

As for the off-topic video, we’re due to have more snow here in NYC on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Whee. In embedding this final video I shall surprise no one.  It’s the viral school closure vid that’s been making the rounds starring Durham Academy Principal Michael Ulku-Steiner and his deputy announcing the schools were closed on account of ice.  Anyone else want to bet how many marriage proposals they’ve received in the last week?

Thanks to Alison Morris for the link.

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