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Video Sunday: “One floating duck does not a children’s book make”

I’ll confess to you that I think I just discovered the secret to Video Sunday.  If I “Favorite” videos I see in Twitter throughout the week I end up having a MUCH stronger series than if I’d just scouted them out on my own.  Phew!  Happy to know there’s a secret there.

Now in the event that someone should ask you “Who is the children’s book equivalent of John Green?” in terms of on-air personality and verve and downright caring, the answer is clear.  YA, you can keep you Green.  Jonathan Auxier is our man, as this video CLEARLY shows.  I like his style.

Best of all, this reminded me a bit of the David Maybury video along similar lines which . . . oh, what the heck.  Enjoy that too!

Reviews!! from David Maybury on Vimeo.

Folks, you may not know it but the newest Irish Children’s Laureate na nÓg is none other Eoin Colfer.  This is good.  He’s one of those folks you should do anything to see if he’s speaking in your general geographic area.  This video gives a hint of that, but it’s a pretty good look at the man himself.

Suddenly I’m thinking . . . what if the National Ambassador of Children’s Book Literature and the Irish Children’s Laureate na nÓg went on tour together?  Someone in the universe with more power than me, get on that.

This is pretty lovely.  It’s a look at Luke Pearson, the creator of those great Hilda graphic novels.  Pearson is sort of what one would imagine a British graphic novelist to be.  Introverted in all the right ways.

Luke Pearson from Nobrow Ltd on Vimeo.

I’d never thought of the Moomin influence on the Hilda books, but now that I see it it’s unavoidable.  Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link!

Okay, let’s get some librarians into this mix.  Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant (11 days to go!) but this seriously made me tear up a bit.  Partly because I used to work in St. Paul with a fair number of Hmong and Somalia immigrants (I was with a refrigeration company . . . long story).  But this is just the kind of thing libraries should be making all the time, and it’s beautifully created and edited.

Thanks to AL Direct for the link.

More, libraries!  MORE!  My library.  I walked in on them doing a lot of the shots of this video last month.  Plus it features Leonard Marcus talking about his exhibit (up until September for free here in NYC!!) and I know that a lot of you folks haven’t had a chance to hear him speak in person.  This video is specifically about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Plus you get shots of the exhibit.  Win-win!

Off-Topic Video:

Well, this probably isn’t workplace friendly since it does show live octopus sex.  But I’d seen other videos in this series before, but I think this one is definitely my favorite.  The faux Morgan Freeman voice is good and the info is actually surprisingly factual.  Lots of stuff I didn’t know AND there’s a Charlotte’s Web reference about a minute from the end, along with speculation on which sea creature would write the worst type of children’s book.

Full credit to Gregory K for finding this link!

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