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New Series: Walking and Talking with . . . John Corey Whaley

Introducing the all new “Walking and Talking” series by Steve Sheinkin!

I’m always on the lookout for folks I consider double threats.  In the children’s and YA book biz that translates to mean people who can both write and draw.  Take someone like Kadir Nelson, for example.  One day he’s doing his spectacular art, merry as you please, and the next he turns around and shows that he can write books like We Are the Ship.  Is that fair?  It is not!  And now we have a similar situation in the case of National Book Award finalist / Newbery Honoree / even-more-honors author Steve Sheinkin.  One moment he’s writing Bomb: The Race to Build – and Steal – the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon, and the next he’s drawing comics.

Comics?  Comics!  Why?  Well, in his own words:

“I love to draw comics, and I meet lots of great writers at various events I go to, so I figured—why not combine the two? The idea is to interview children’s and YA authors and turn the interviews into short comics. Thanks to John Corey Whaley for bravely agreeing to star in this first one.”

Is it any wonder I leapt at the chance to host these?  Here then is the first starring Printz winner John Corey Whaley (of Where Things Come Back and Noggin).  It marks an entirely different way of interviewing some of the luminaries in the field.

For more info on Steve and his myriad works, head on over to  And stayed tuned for more of these comics.  This is only the beginning.

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