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Video Sunday: Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

Today we begin with something depressing (happy Sunday, everybody!). On April 4th, all of five days ago, the lovely blog Geekmom (which appears to be an offshoot of Geekdad) premiered the new Adam Rex / Mac Barnett book trailer for their upcoming picture book How This Book Was Made. When you see this trailer you will think to yourself, “Dang. I wish I could make book trailers like this.” Then you’ll look at how many views it’s gotten so far and it’s a mere (as of this post) 567. Citizens of the world, this will not do. This is a good trailer. It deserves our love. Let’s see those numbers pump up a little. And ah-one, and ah-two, and ah- . . .

Let’s see, let’s see. I always collect the links for a week or two and try and figure out if they’re actually any good. Most of them I dump. Lots o’ talking heads fall by the wayside but amongst them you’ll find something good. Example A:

This next one’s a bit random. I moved to Chicago and then decided that maybe my kids would actually be able to see the odd play now and then. But before I came, one slipped out of town before I could do anything about it. I aspire to someday see it personally with kids in tow. They may be in their 30s before it happens, but it’s doggone happening, YOU JUST WAIT!

In other news, Tim Federle, children’s book author and now the man behind Tuck Everlasting on Broadway, poses the ultimate question to Times Square tourists.

That first one drawn out a bit more . . .

Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link!

Recently I’ve been reading some YA and one of the better novels to cross my path is this nice Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit. Book trailers are all well and good but it’s nice to try something new. Not that talking to Times Square tourists is all that new (see: above Tim Federle videos) but it beats the usual iMovie schtick.

And for our off-topic video, this is pretty much my favorite thing right now. If you took my sense of humor, distilled it down to a fine liquid, dehydrated that liquid into a powder, and then sneezed it into the face of a clown, that might come close to approximating what this video means to me. Best. Thing. Ever.

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  1. “I agree.”
    Hilarious. It’s funny how that Simon and Garfunkel song lends itself so well to comedy. My son used it as the soundtrack to his skateboarding crash reel and you can’t help but crack up at it.

  2. If you’re interested in kids (literary) theater in Chicago, may I make dramatic Vanna hands at the website for the Lifeline Theatre?
    They do only literary adaptations and do three shows for kids and three for adults every year. I cannot deny that I have never seen one their kids shows, but the adult ones are GREAT. And sometimes their mainstage performances are of Middle Grade books anyway. Next year they’re doing Wrinkle in Time, and last year they did One Came Home. (I admit that I could not bring myself to go see that one because I love the book too much. I realize that this makes no sense).

    • Elizabeth Bird says

      Oh yes indeed, I know them well. So far I haven’t found quite the right aged program for my 4-year-old but I’m watching them like a hawk. Their current production of LESTER’S TERRIBLE SWEATERS sound delish.