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Book Trailer Premiere: Martina and Chrissie by Phil Bildner, ill. Brett Helquist

When I was a kid I didn’t know much about sports. I knew that the Tigers had won the World Series in ’84. I knew that there was a football player called “Refrigerator” and that sometimes football players took ballet classes (Mr. Rogers taught me that one).  And I knew who Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert were. I’m conflating time a little with this, but honestly that’s as much sports info as I was able to retain in me brain.  And really, the only reason I knew about Martina and Chris was because of my best friend who was obsessed with their rivalry.  So I, by association, was interested as well.  All the more reason to perk my ears up when I hear that Mr. Phil Bildner has created a nonfiction picture book on the subject called Martina & Chrissie.  Out on March 14th it comes complete with its very own book trailer.  Check it:

A couple of things. First off, Brett Helquist!?  Where’s he been recently?  And a nonfiction picture book?  I like the change of pace.  Second, I like the solution to creating your own book trailer.  Low-budget doesn’t mean unimaginative.  Kudos to Phil on this one.  And kudos to Candlewick for allowing me to premiere it.

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