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Video Sunday: Dedicated to Hadley and Fluffles

Hooray! It’s been an awfully long time but at long last Nathan Hale has a new Hazardous Tales story to tell.  #7 in the series will be a WWII tale about bombers called The Raid of No Return and it’s due out November 2017.  There is nothing I don’t like about this.  And best of all, we get a video to accompany the release.  So sit back and enjoy Nathan talking about his love of drawing bomber outfits and neckties.

And now, something a bit timely.  Good libraries doing good work, all thanks to the SPELL Grant.  Unfamiliar with the grant?  Well, consider this your lucky day. There’s also an interest comment on the act of getting rid of fines on children’s books.

Next up, the people’s librarian.  Carla Hayden, our current head of the Library of Congress, is too kind to point out in this interview that her predecessor viewed the coming of technological advances with fear and loathing, but if you watch the piece carefully, you should be able to read between the lines.

How smart is James Kennedy? Let me put it this way. For years one of his co-hosts in Minneapolis for the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival has been Kelly Barnhill.  Years.  Now, in 2017, she has won the actual honest-to-goodness Newbery for her book The Girl Who Drank the Moon.  Here then is the opening bit for the most recent Minneapolis Film Festival after her win.

Bet you didn’t see the Hamilton song coming, eh?

You can read the blog post about it here. More than half of the 90-Second Newbery screenings have already occurred, but there are still some to go! Folks can make their free reservations for the Brooklyn Public Library screening (March 12), the Rochester, NY screening (March 19), the Chicago screening (April 1), the Asheville screening (April 22), and the Boston-area screening (with co-host M.T. Anderson!) (April 30)

And for the record, there is cause for great rejoicing here because Aaron Zenz and his offspring have, after all these years, created a NEW VIDEO!!!  Hurrah!  And what an odd choice of Newbery winner it is too:

Special props as well to this shockingly good adaptation of 1952’s Honor Book The Apple and the Arrow by a 14-year-old in Portland.  Claymation!  Keeping it old school.

And for our off-topic video, it’s not really all that off-topic today. Tracey Ullman did a skit about the closure of a Welsh library. I must say, our closures here in the State pale in comparison to what the U.K has faced in the past decade. Sad and true.

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