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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub by Audrey Wood, ill. Don Wood

KingBidgood1When it comes to selecting books for the podcast, I tend towards those books that have lots of details. And this one, as Kate was quick to learn, could go head to head with Where’s Waldo in terms of hidden details. Alas, no clowns this week but we make up for it in other ways. Along the way we manage to identify The Ghost of Christmas Present, Chekhov’s plug, and the degree to which this book is like the movie Splash.

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Source Books:

– Yeah, we never got to Kate’s old blog, but it really it was one of the greatest things. It was called How To, How Hard, and How Much and on it she would find online How To’s and try to do them herself. There was great stuff on there. Not the gingerbread Tartis, though. No no. Not that.

The Naked Cowboy wasn’t actually by Adam Rex. That wasn’t even the title. It was The Dirty Cowboy (which he just illustrated) written by Amy Timberlake.

– This is the image Kate’s referring to. Where the legs on the middle lady? I think, after much examination, she’s wearing a skirt. But it’s a bit dark and hard to make that out.


– Can you spot the Carol Burnett lady on this page?


– No idea what these are. Can YOU name them?

Bidgood1 copy

– The full cast. In cake form.


– Awkward hedgehog. In retrospect I think this may actually be a lion’s head.

Bidgood2 copy

– This is the picture book that contained the kingfisher. Hence my ability to identify it.


-The blog we mentioned was Don’t Read This to My Kids which includes this video review of The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings. For the record, this review is AWESOME!

– Woohoo! I was so pleased I was able to quickly look this up. This was the book I was referring to, telling the tale of Henrietta’s life.


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! KBITB is actually a book I own, so I caught up on my review for that before listening. I wanted to point out that whatever the “awkward hedgehog” is, there are actually two of them. On the page you showed the image of above, the other one is to the direct left, and has paws. They’re both also in the bathtub banquet scene– one facing left is just above the hearts above the mini-sheep, and one facing right is just to the right of the swan’s face. Wish I could help you out with the hors d’oeuvres, but they just look like miniature prickly pear cacti to me.

    On the cover of the book, I’d say the “Carol Burnett” woman is in the blue skirt, and the woman in the pink hat is in the pink skirt (partially seen on the right of “Russell Brand”). All the women in the book have very broad skirts, and the lighting on the cover image makes the different colors kind of bled together. Not to mention the almost Escher-girl-like positions the three of them are in, and the fact that the man’s legs are right where the division between the two skirts would be.