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Andreao and Elliotto Presento Sharko and Hippo: A Comic Interview

I do interviews on this blog all the time. You may be aware of this fact. May I confess something to you then? I have my favorites. It’s true. Generally speaking, I might enjoy an interview that’s all text, text, nothing but texxt, but my true love, and my true passion? It’s illustrated interviews. And yet, cruelty above all cruelties, I cannot draw them myself. As a result, I just perch on my rock, watching the world go by, hoping against hope that someone will say to me, “Hey! Betsy! Do you want to post this comic interview between Andrea Tsurumi and Elliott Kalan talking about their new picture book Sharko & Hippo?”

And when someone does?


Awfully kind of these two yuksters to allow me to run their talk. And is it just me or does anyone else want to make a midnight run to Andrea’s house to steal those sketches of the Marx Brothers’ faces? No? Just me? Okay.

Special thanks to Andrea Tsurumi & Elliott Kalan. The book is on bookstore and library shelves now. Go wild!

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