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Long Road to the Circus (by Betsy Bird) 7-Day Cover Reveal: Day Six!

It’s the sixth day of the lead up to the cover reveal of the upcoming middle grade novel Long Road to the Circus (out October 5th) and I’m so very pleased to reveal today’s art. You’ve met Gaucho, the historically belligerent ostrich. You’ve met Suzy, who just wants to get away (figuratively, literally, you name it). Now meet ’em together.

Generally speaking, if you want to ride a homicidal ostrich, you need to take some precautions. And what could be simpler than this method?

Art by David Small

“Gaucho. Walk,” I said, and dug my heels into his side a little.
Gaucho did not walk.
“Gaucho. Walk!” I said with a little more force.
Gaucho turned his head as if to say, “Is someone calling my name?” then decided he was just hearing things and went back to staring into the inside of the bag.
“Oh, for crying out loud!” This went on for a while. Occasionally he’d walk a little, and I’d get excited and think he was understanding, but then it would be clear that he was just stretching his legs for the fun of it.

Tomorrow, a little something different. Something involving . . . photographs!

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