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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The Pigs’ Wedding by Helme Heine

“Somebody’s getting maaarried!” People of a certain generation will know to sing that line to a tune created for the film The Muppets Take Manhattan. Of course in our case, it’s Kate who is getting hitched later this week (on Friday!). So while we do want to do a book in honor of Eric Carle and one in honor of Lois Ehlert, this is not the right week to do so. But what wedding related picture book could I possibly come up with? None other than the very German picture book The Pigs’ Wedding. Of course the last German import we did was Duck, Death and the Tulip, so let’s hope this book is a tad bit cheerier. How accurate is the wedding in this book? Kate’s in a primo position to comment on this point. So are you ready? It’s schwein time!

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Show Notes:

I mention at one point that there is a Weston Woods video of this book. Here is a selection of that film, including the story’s song. Now, fully orchestrated. 100 points if you can name the narrator.

Kate gets thrown off pretty early on in the podcast when she mistakes this pant palette for a cutaway of the bride’s haunch.

You have not seen a Bridezilla until she’s walked in the room, looked at the ensembled group of guests, and said, “Y’all stink. Take a shower.” The one pouring the water, that’s the gig you want.

This is clearly my favorite couple. This book came out in 1977 in Germany and I think these two look pretty good for that particular era. That soul patch and those garters? Amazing.

Kate, however, is highly disturbed by the poor pig who went as a piggy bank.

Okay. Side-by-side comparison of this little piggy and the kid from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I mean, I’m not gonna lie. The move is awfully close!!

Cherries and apples decorating the drapes on the honeymoon bed? Yeah . . . no, man.

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  1. I thought you were joking about the scythe! But then I watched the full video, and there it is! Dear Lord.

    • I thought about including the picture but couldn’t think of anything appropriately pithy to say of it, so onto the cutting room floor it went.

  2. I’m pretty sure that Peanuts character is Shermy.

  3. My only guess for the narrator is Keith Carradine, which cannot possibly be correct. I’m so curious!