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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

NIKI NAKAYAMA: A Chef’s Tale in 13 Bites – An Interview with Debbi Michiko Florence and Jamie Michalak

Sometimes infuriating attitudes towards women make for great picture book biographies. I interview Debbi Michiko Florence and Jamie Michalak about their new picture book bio, NIKI NAKAYAMA and why she kicks butt and takes names.

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg, ill. Judy Love

With its M. Night Shyamalan-esque twist and fondness for slips and magenta clogs, this first day of school title proves to be an excellent peek into the state of picture books circa 2000.

Review of the Day: The Last Cuentista by Donna Barba Higuera

For the kid that likes their science fiction dark with marvelous villains and a strong core message about individuality, storytelling, and hope, I can’t think of a better book to hand over. A dystopia you’ll be happy to dive into deeply.

The Many Meanings of Meilan Q&A with Andrea Wang

Code switching for the middle grade set. I speak with author Andrea Wang about her latest book THE MANY MEANINGS OF MEILAN and we dive deep into #StopAsianHate, the power of names, and even THE WIZARD OF EARTHSEA.

Big Apple Diaries Interview

History’s weird when it happens to you, but history’s even weirder when it happens to someone younger than you and then they write a book about it. I talk with author Alyssa Bermudez about her semi-autobiographical illustrated novel about 9/11.

The MG/YA Confusion: Why Do Lists for Young Adults Always Contain Children’s Books?

TIME has released its “100 Best YA Books of All Time”. So why are so many books on the list meant for younger readers?

What’s Your Hair Story? Guest Post by NoNieqa Ramos and Friends

In today’s guest post, NoNieqa Ramos asked friends and family from within and without the kid lit community to share their hair stories and tips with her. You will love what she received.

Review of the Day: A Tree for Mr. Fish by Peter Stein

Exceedingly simple with an equally simple message (message: Don’t be rude and loud) you wouldn’t expect A Tree for Mr. Fish to be as wackadoodle as it is. And yet, here we are.

Beowulf, Viking Pigs, and the Hustle of Comics in 2021: An Interview with Alexis Fajardo

A ribald, in-depth conversation not simply about the art of creating comics in the 21st century, but also the history of the form for kids, the publishing industry, and more. I interview Alexis Fajardo on the publication day of his fourth Kid Beowulf release.

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: I’ll Fix Anthony by Judith Viorst, ill. Arnold Lobel

Could you publish a book today, originally, where a sibling relationship is anything other than sunshine and roses by its end? Kate and I consider the recently re-published I’ll Fix Anthony.

Review of the Day: How to Find a Fox by Kate Gardner, photos by Ossi Saarinen

Deftly capturing the majesty, mystery, and downright good looks of foxes, this book is a rarity. Photographs galore highlight the mysterious world of the fox.

Steve Sheinkin Returns! A Deep Dive Into the FALLOUT

Steve Sheinkin swings by to discuss his latest historical thriller FALLOUT: SPIES, SUPERBOMBS, AND THE ULTIMATE COLD WAR SHOWDOWN. And like his other multi-award winning books, it promises to be a hoot.

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, ill. Sheldon Cohen, translated by Sheila Fischman

We dive deep into Canada’s most beloved picture book. In other words, an extended allegory of the relationship and tensions that exist between francophones and anglophones. Fun!

Unexpected Jolts of Children’s Literature: Now Extra Jolty!

Today we consider the books written for adults that have some sort of link, however tangential, to children’s literature.

Review of the Day: Too Small Tola by Atinuke, ill. Onyinye Iwu

In the new chapter book series Too Small Tola, Atinuke has turned her book into a small masterpiece. Read these books, ye other mighty authors, and despair.