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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

I Spy with My Little Eye: Conference Floor Findings

Today I will display for you all those books that are making me prick up my ears and eyes in some way. Some of these are reprints or books that are coming out in new formats or with new titles. For the most part, however, these are all new to me. Are they good? Are they bad? Only one way to find out!

ALA Annual 2018: Recap Time

When traveling to a library conference in New Orleans, might I suggest that you take your little sister along. There are a multitude of good reasons to do so. 1. If you used to share a bedroom with the little sister, you may find that she is just as quiet a roommate now as she […]

Fusenews: Always Pegged Batman as More of a Tomi Ungerer Fan Myself

Happy ALA Conference Week!  Starting this Thursday or Friday or so the librarians will descend en masse upon our fair Chicago.  To better prepare you please be so good as to check out Andrea Vaughn Johnson’s piece for the ALSC blog Chicagoland Mini-Tours for Book Lovers. That will fill in any gaps you might have […]

Oh, What a Time It Was: The ALA Annual 2016 Conference Floor

Sweaty, sticky, moist Orlando edition. So here’s a new way to experience the American Library Association Conference.  We’re going to tackle it in a visual way.  Which is to say, if I took a picture of it, it’s going into this post.  Here then is a look at what caught my eye on the conference […]

A Taste of the Floor (ew!): ALA Annual Conference 2012 (Day Two)

Full credit to the good people of Sterling for keeping a handy coffin on hand! So Friday actually was a bigger kick-off of than I initially led you to believe, and on the conference floor it was all anyone could talk about.  I alluded to it briefly but hadn’t expected the conversations about it to […]

Just Call Me Guy Incognito: ALA Annual Conference 2012 (Day One)

Check this out: That would be my press pass for this year’s 2012 ALA Conference held in beautiful (though strangely stormy and cold as of Thursday) Anaheim, California.  Having hopped a plane from my native New York I now find myself on the opposite coast, a full country-sized swath away from my young.  Fortunately there […]

If I Were a Rich Girl: The Children’s Literary Conference and Convention Tour

Ever have that moment where you wish you were independently wealthy?  Let’s say you are and that you’re also a children’s librarian (dream with me here) who can take leave anytime you wish.  What would you ideally love to do?  Me, I’ve got a plan in place.  When the universe informs me that I’ve won […]

Fusenews: It’s a mouse. It’s a monkey. It’s a blue footed booby.

So I’m at a lovely picture book author’s event the other night at Sharlene’s (note the shameless plug for my friend’s bar) and while talking to some industry folks I hear a rumor I’d previously been unaware of.  “Did you know that they’re thinking of merging the ALA and BEA conferences?”  Uh . . . […]

ALA Convention Floor 2010: The Days of Wine and Swag Have Gone

When last we left our intrepid hero, she was spending five hours in a Washington D.C. emergency room rather than hanging out with, oh say, Karen Cushman at a Kidlit Drink Night.  So there was that. The next day, however, I was determined to make up for lost time.  Alas, being determined and actually convincing […]

ALA 2010: Remembering What I’ve Forgotten

Well, I’m proud to say that the resident husband and I have arrived safe and sound in ALAla land.  Washington D.C. welcomed us like a too affectionate panting dog, all moisture and temperatures over 90 degrees.  Ah, swampy capital.  How I’ve missed ye. I begin by planning out my itinerary for the next few days. […]