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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Nothing a Few Chickens Can’t Fix: Adam Rex and Adam Rubin on Gladys the Magic Chicken

Everything you want to know (and more!) about chickens and prognostication. Two picture book legends join together to give us one of the silliest new books on record.

Of Equity and Engines: The Bob McKinnon Interview That Could

What does The Little Engine That Could have to do with current conversations with children about equity? The latest book by Bob McKinnon provides that answer. Meanwhile I’m just happy that this interview lets me reference the Quad City DJ’s.

Free Will and Destiny in Middle Grade Fiction: A Talk With Karla Arenas Valenti of Lotería

Let’s talk free will and destiny! I am beyond delighted to be hosting author Karla Arenas Valenti today, creator of the lovely new middle grade novel Lotería!

Cover Reveal & Interview: ARMADILLO ANTICS by Bill Martin Jr & Michael Sampson w/Art by Nathalie Beauvois

Today I am pleased to announce that we are providing exclusive interview/first look/cover reveal for ARMADILLO ANTICS, by Michael Sampson, illustrated by Argentinian artist Nathalie Beauvois.

Interview for the Year 2022: Bryan Collier Discusses Music Is a Rainbow

Bryan Collier stops by to discuss a 2022 book that owes much of its existence to (amongst other things) Quincy Jones, Robert Frost, and Maya Angelou. Come see why!

Talking Glorious Battle Strategies with the Barb the Last Bezerker Team

Book creators Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson answer my questions about comics, berzerking, and how one conjures enough general mayhem to retain the interest of today’s jaded youth.

Hello, Star. A Talk With Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic

“Reading children’s literature — even if they don’t have children — can keep adults connected to their childhood in a way that fosters empathy and understanding.” Today I talk with Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic about her latest picture book title HELLO, STAR.

Mr. Watson’s Chickens: A Highly Illustrated Back and Forth Interview Between Jarrett Dapier and Andrea Tsurumi

Today illustrator Andrea Tsurumi engaged author Jarrett Dapier in conversation. She then put it all together in this marvelous, complex, witty and highly illustrated sequence. Enjoy!

Evicted: An Interview on a Timely Topic with Alice Faye Duncan

I speak with Alice Faye Duncan about EVICTED!: THE STRUGGLE FOR THE RIGHT TO VOTE, coming out this January. Learn more about this too little discussed moment in history.

Saving American Beach: An Interview with Author Heidi Tyline King

Our shelves are fairly empty of books about Black environmentalists. Heidi Tyline King brings to life the story of a woman who fought tirelessly for what she loved and believed in.

A True Wonder: Talking With Kirsten Larson About Wonder Woman’s Real Origins

What do we owe Wonder Woman? Where did she come from? Author Kirsten Larson joins me today to discuss the true origin story of the Wonder Woman character and her cultural impact as well.

Beautifully Me: A Talk With Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor joins us today in a discussion of body positivity and her new book BEAUTIFULLY ME.

NINA: A STORY OF NINA SIMONE – An Interview with Author Traci N. Todd

Today I talk with author Traci N. Todd to discuss her new picture book biography of Nina Simone and the art of reducing a life to its essentials.

Adrianna Cuevas Is Back with CUBA IN MY POCKET: The Interview

Adrianna Cuevas joins us today to give us the thorough backstory to her new middle grade novel CUBA IN MY POCKET as well an explanation of why writing historical fiction is “like eating soup with a fork”.

Nonfiction on Display: Melissa Stewart Dishes on the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction

What is it about Melissa, author of more than 180 science books for children, and her work that taps so directly into where we are in 2021 and the current state of informational books for kids? Her new book, 5 Kinds of Nonfiction, seems to offer some answers. So too does this interview.