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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

African Town: A Cover Reveal and Interview with Charles Waters and Irene Latham

Today we discuss Africa Town, a book about the last slave ship to come to the American shores and how the legacy of that ship is embodied in African Town, a community that still exists to this day and was founded by former slaves after the Civil War.

Kill Your Darlings: A Sangu Mandanna Interview About Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom

Girls. With swords. Slaying the gods they created. What could be better? I interview Sangu Mandanna about her new middle grade heroine.

Flowers Are Pretty…Weird! A Talk with Rosemary Mosco About Those Flowers You Wouldn’t Invite to a Dinner Party

Not content to muck with people’s perceptions of butterflies, Rosemary Mosco returns to discuss her latest book and why venus flytraps didn’t make the cut.

Dorothy the Brave Cover Reveal: A Q&A With Meghan P. Browne

Why children’s writers are sometimes the first ones to sing for the unsung? I discuss Meghan P. Browne’s upcoming picture book bio Dorothy the Brave with her and reveal its cover.

I Am Smoke: A Cover Reveal and Q&A with Author Henry L. Herz

Stand aside, water cycle! There’s a new cycle in town and it’s darn smoky. I speak with author Henry L. Herz about his upcoming title I AM SMOKE.

Cover Reveal and Interview: SOFÍA ACOSTA MAKES A SCENE with author Emma Otheguy

“…sometimes, it’s okay to make a scene.” We’re talking with author Emma Otheguy today about immigration, her own family history, and her brand new middle grade novel out in 2022. It’s a cover reveal day!

SHE RAISED HER VOICE: A Cover Reveal and Interview with Jordannah Elizabeth

Today we interview Ms. Jordannah Elizabeth about her sweeping anthology of Black women that made their mark on our musical history. Come for the interview AND the cover reveal!

Unconventional Conversations with a Black Author: Emmanuel Acho Discusses His Young Reader’s Edition

From viral video hit series to book deal to young reader’s edition, Emmanuel Acho’s Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man is doing well. I have a comfortable Q&A with him about the last of these.

It Fell From the Sky: An Interview with The Fan Brothers

“I feel like our two most recent books both have a bit of resonance with the pandemic.” I talk with Eric & Terry Fan about their latest book, its antecedents, and maybe its larger implications too.

Celebrating the Librarians That Work So Very Hard: A Dear Librarian Interview with Lydia Sigwarth

While talking to author Lydia Sigwarth of the new book DEAR LIBRARIAN we read four submissions from people who think that their librarian is the best.

Your Legacy: A Talk With Broadway Director Schele Williams About the Enslaved in Children’s Literature

A Broadway director has written an African American history that celebrates and honors enslaved ancestors. I discuss Your Legacy with Schele Williams.

The Rare Teaflet & Roog Dual Interview: Jeanne Birdsall and Jane Dyer Tell All

Photography and difficult skunks are the name of the game. I talk with legends Jeanne Birdsall and Jane Dyer about their newest venture and teeny tiny props.

Beauty Woke: Puerto Rican Pride and Fairy Tale Twists in an Interview with NoNieqa Ramos

Fairy tale motifs, the rise of a current moment, Puerto Rican pride, fear, and the overwhelming support of family and friends ALL come together in this 2022 picture book. I talk with NoNieqa Ramos.

Trouble Is a Friend of Mine: An Interview with Sarah Prineas About her Latest Science Fiction Endeavor

If you go looking for trouble then trouble is what you get. I talk with author Sarah Prineas about her newest, gooiest hero: a shapeshifter with puppydog eyes that lives up to their name: Trouble.

Bollywood, Theme Songs, Top 5 Films, and More: Supriya Kelkar Discusses THAT THING ABOUT BOLLYWOOD

Divorce Bollywood style. Today I talk with author Supriya Kelkar about musicals, culture, her new book That Thing About Bollywood, and what she’d select as her theme song for every time she walked in a room.