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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Librarian Preview: Abrams Fall 2010

It seems a touch premature to call this an out-and-out-preview.  Particularly when you consider that the books discussed were Fall 2010 and we are in (checks watch) yes . . . 2010, fall.  But the word “preview” here is my own, not theirs.  For their part, Abrams recently just wanted to let the local librarian/press […]

Librarian Preview: Harper Collins (Fall 2010)

I may have mentioned in the past that for the most recent librarian previews I’ve been taking my laptop along to type upon.  This is a useful strategy but it has yielded a strange result.  When I get home to type from my notes I find that rather than save me time, my notetaking skills […]

Um . . . Didn’t You Go to BEA Recently?

I did indeed, faithful readers!  Just about the time this blog was headed to an all new format I was traipsing the halls of the Javits Center during Book Expo 2010.  Being a working librarian and all, I was operating my library’s reference desk for most of BEA, but I was able to escape for […]

Librarian Preview: Macmillan (Fall 2010)

This would mark the second time all the imprints and various furbelows of Macmillan would gather together to create a slambang grand view of everything coming out on the children’s side of thing this coming Fall 2010.  If you’ll recall my recap of the Macmillan Spring 2010 preview season, in its first incarnation librarians were […]