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31 Days, 31 Books: 2020 Picture Book Reprints

Today, we celebrate those books that staged successful comebacks in 2020. And as an extra treat, this year we’re including a couple re-illustrations as well. Just to keep things hot and spicy!

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2019 Picture Book Reprints

Nothing worse than seeing your pet favorite picture book disappear into the mists of time. Of course, every once in a while they get resurrected in some form. Today we celebrate the books that crawled their way back onto bookstore and library shelves in 2019. The few. The brave. The worthy.

The Past Is Never Static. The Same Can Be Said of Our Books

Nonfiction has something Fiction will never have. Not really. When a work of Fiction is pilloried it can be pulled from the market or, if it’s in its earliest form, rewritten altogether. Nonfiction, in contrast, can wait years and years. Can be completely accurate and important. And then, if it chooses to do so, it can be rewritten.

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Picture Book Reprints

What convinces a publisher to bring a picture book back into print? It could be a popular creator, a timely title, librarian/bookseller love, or a combination of all these factors. One thing’s for certain. 2018 yielded a fabulous crop of oldies but goodies.

A Salute to the Reprints: Here’s to Getting A Second Chance in 2018

Last week Publishers Weekly produced the article Forever Young: Backlist Backbones 2018.  In the piece, the magazine highlighted a sampling of some books getting cover redesigns, new printings, and other forms of reprinted attention this year. I too have been watching the reprints of older titles with a steady eye. And while I like a […]

31 Days, 31 Lists: Day Nine – 2017 Picture Book Reprints

Reprints! I may as well call this the zombie list for all that they’re celebrated, but celebrated they should be. I am always truly delighted when a picture book rises from the out-of-print dead to engage and delight young readers once more. Steadily throughout the year I’ve kept track of some of the brighter stars […]

THEY’RE ALIIIIIIIIVE! 2017 Out-of-Print Books Back From the Dead

I like too many things. It’s beginning to get suspicious. One day I might write a post about the necessity of world literature on our children’s bookshelves. The next day I turn around and start beating the drum for small publishers. Blink again and it is imperative that I talk to you about the importance […]

31 Days, 31 Lists: Day Nine – 2016 Picture Book Reprints

Sometimes I talk about how books with illustrators from countries other than America get a bum rap because there are so few awards that they can win.  And this isn’t untrue, but there are a couple lists that give them their due.  There’s the New York Times Best Illustrated list, and the Society of Illustrators […]