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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Librarian Preview: Blue Apple Books (Spring-Fall 2011)

A publisher is like a delicate cheese. Each one has their own flavor. Their own specific style and substance. After years of watching one publisher or another, you get a sense of what they do and do not like. In some big publishers like Candlewick or Chronicle you detect a kind of personality. Slightly smaller […]

Librarian Preview: Albert Whitman & Company (Spring 2011)

Whew!  Boy, am I getting this last one in right under the gun or what?  Which is to say, before the end of January has passed.  The new round of previews begin in February so I didn’t want to have any loose stragglers waiting about when I saw the new crop of 2011 titles. A […]

Librarian Preview: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Spring 2011)

It’s a bit late in the season for me to keep typing up these librarian previews, but due to the fact that the “Spring” has only just begun, I think I have a little leeway for my two remaining previews before I start hearing about the Summer 2011 books that are right around the corner. […]

Librarian Preview: Egmont (Spring & Summer 2011)

All right!  Egmont time!  A time for monted eggs (wait . . . . what?). Yes, Egmont doesn’t always put on a librarian preview, but once in a while they do and I was pleased to partake of their copious heaps of cheese (cheese = always good) when seeing the latest titles they have on […]

Librarian Preview: Simon & Schuster (Spring 2011)

Did you get the new Simon & Schuster catalog the other day in the mail?  If you did, did you feel the cover?  It’s a strange thing to ask, I know, but I did.  I felt that cover.  I felt it because there was something new going on there.  It has a thick comfortable texture […]

Librarian Preview: Little Brown and Company (Spring 2011)

“I’m feeling very refreshed because I just washed my hands with the mouthwash in the bathroom.” When one finds oneself invited to a librarian preview at the Yale Club for the Little Brown Spring/Summer 2011 season, it is useful to remember the following: – Do not appear in jeans. I know it is your day […]

Librarian Preview: Harper Collins (Spring 2011)

Once you get into the swing of these librarian previews, they start to come easier to the old typing fingers.  For Spring 2011 I’ve mostly been keeping to the publishers with smaller print runs until now.  Candlewick.  Chronicle.  Lerner.  Harper Collins sort of marks the first foray into the big leagues.  Each table took thirty […]

Librarian Preview: Lerner Publishing (Spring 2011)

Just a day or two ago, children’s literature bloggers converged upon Minneapolis, Minnesota to celebrate the Kidlitcon.  And this year they got a bit of organizing help from the local folks over at Lerner Publishing Group.  Yet before any of this happened, a couple lovely Lerner lasses met with me in NYC in a Belgian […]