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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Hunger Games at Ten: How Has It Been a Decade Already?

I guess I vaguely noticed that Scholastic was releasing some kind of Hunger Games Special Edition yesterday. I dunno, do publishers even need an excuse to release special editions? I wasn’t paying too much attention. But that was before I was told that the book is now ten years old. Released originally in 2008, it’s […]

Video Sunday: It was Officer Edgar Mallory that caught me most off-guard

Meet Isol.  Incredibly badass Isol.  The fact that you may not know her name instantly is a crime.  We Americans are fairly . . . how to put this . . . screamingly awful about paying attention to authors and illustrators from other countries.  Isol won the most recent Astrid Lindgren Award, but she’s hardly […]

Why Can’t Katniss Have an Accent?: The Role of the Southerner in American Children’s Literature

In a recent USA Today piece we learned that the two leading contenders for the role of Katniss in the upcoming Hunger Games movie are Chloe Moretz and Kristen Stewart (thanks to bookshelves of doom for the link).  Moretz, if you might recall, played the imaginary friend in the recent Diary of a Wimpy Kid […]

Video Sunday: A group of gorillas is called a troupe.

I don’t usually start off with a book trailer, but for Yummy I’ll make an exception.  Original music, a good use of the panels, etc.  I might have wanted more real world footage, but that’s not essential.  As it stands, this reminds me of why book trailers work best when they’re for graphic novels and […]